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Subject: Compliments of the day,


Compliments of the day,

My name is From Mr. George Frank. The Chairman–Airlines Operating Committee (AOC) I am contacting you regarding an approved cash transfer, which are definitely going to be of mutual benefit to both of us, can you assist me in safekeeping it because the initial person i arranged with him to receive this fund became greedy. I have put in place all necessary requirements concerning the release of this funds and it is my intention to introduce this opportunity to you as the beneficiary. I will appreciate your utmost confidentiality in this matter until the task is accomplished.

I have decided to contact you for your kind assistance to move the sum of (US$18,500,000.00) Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars to you if I can be assured that my share will be safe in your care until I complete my service.

One of our late client Dr.Abdullah Habeeb Rahman whose identity cannot be disclosed because of the Non Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement that was signed with the said benefactor, and whose time deposit with our company has elapsed. Our investigation reveals that the benefactor had since died during the Iraqi war without leaving a will or next of kin to the effect of his consignment in our custody.

The funds total $18.5M (Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars) and we confirm that these funds are fully free of any liens or encumbrances and are clean, clear and non-criminal origin and are available in the form of Consignment.
I have been doing everything possible to make sure that you receive the cash box successfully, and i have submitted your information to the delivery company (Trust Link Delivery & Shipping Services). I believe that they will get to you as soon as possible to let you know about the arrival and delivery date of their delivery officer who will be coming down to your country to deliver the cash box to you.
They tag the box as diplomatic package and it will be delivered to your door step. I have handed the box to them through their agent here, they said that all packages departing from Africa normally reach to their African head office in Lome Togo before departing to anywhere in the world. I have chosen this fast service so that you can receive the packages within 2 or 3 days after departure to your home address that you will provide.
I want you to contact the Trust Link Delivery & Shipping Services through their email address now for proper identification and notification.
The Contact details are as follows:
Dispatch Manager Mr: Chudý Adams
Trust Link Delivery & Shipping Services
Address: 276, Blvd Du 13 Janvier Immeuble Fiata 1er Etage
P.O. Box 30327.
Lome, Togo
Direct mobile;+22896987356
Email; [email protected]

Meanwhile, i have forward your contact details to the company but i will advise you to write to the company through their email above, of which they will get back to you as soon as possible base on my instruction.
The security code number of the consignment is ( NS835XQ2 ). Please make sure you write this number down, it is important because the delivery officer that will be arriving in your country for the delivery of the consignment will ask you of the security code number of the package.
Note. That as your information has been submitted to the delivery company, most of the communication will be between you and them because you are now known as the owner and the recipient of the consignment, and meanwhile you should be adhering to their instruction till the consignment is being delivered to you.
Secondly, keep this matter between both of us without letting anyone know about it, because some people are evil, and they will not be happy when good things are coming along the way, with their greedy and negative mind. This money will be of a great value to us in future.

Don’t forget to include your direct cellphone number and delivery address to complete the shipment

1) Your full name.
2) Phone Number #.
3) Email Address
4) Country:
5) Occupation:
6) Position and address.
7) Profession,
8) Age
9) Marital status.
10) Copy of Intel passport, driver’s license, or any valid ID card.

Thank you for your cooperation, i hope to have smile with you soon and am counting on your honesty.

I might not be free to follow the activities of the Trust Link Delivery & Shipping Services ,just try and stand on my behalf till the cash box is delivered to you '

Have a nice and better day ahead and once again don't forget to write to the company using their email address above.
Yours truly
Mr.George Frank

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