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#403320 by Troy Platt Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:58 am
Reply-To: [email protected]
From: Mrs Ruhama Koenig <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2020 08:35:10 -0800

My Dearest,

Please forgive me for stressing you with my predicaments as I know that this letter may come to you as big surprise. Actually, I came across your E-mail from my personal search afterward I decided to email you directly believing that you will be honest to fulfill my final wish before or after my death.

Meanwhile, I am Madam Ruhama Koenig, 73 years, am from USA, childless. I am suffering from Adenocarcinoma Cancer of the lungs for the past 8 years and from all indication my condition is really deteriorating as my doctors have confirmed and courageously advised me that I may not live beyond 3 weeks from now for the reason that my tumor has reached a critical stage which has defiled all forms of medical treatment.

Since my days are numbered, I’ve decided willingly to fulfill my long-time vow to donate to the underprivileged the sum of ($18.5M) Eighteen Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars I deposited in a different bank account for a very longtime because I have tried to handle this project by myself but I have seen that my health could not allow me to do so anymore. My promise for the poor includes building of well-equipped charity foundation hospital and a technical school. I will explain to you why I wanted a total stranger for this when I receive your positive reply.

If you will be honest, obedient, kind and willing to assist me handle this charity project as I’ve mentioned here and can avoid contact with anybody for this fund until my fund reaches your hands, I will like you to provide me your personal data like:

(1) Your full name:
(2) Country:
(3) Phone number:
(4) Age:
(5) Gender:
(6) Your identity:

Contact me via my direct email:( [email protected] )

My account officer warned me that anybody am sending to them as the beneficiary for this fund must keep secret until he or she receives my fund to avoid impersonation and wrong transfer.

Best Regards!

Mrs. Ruhama Koenig

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#403393 by FishyMails Fri Jan 17, 2020 2:19 pm
From: "Mrs Ruhama Koenig" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-01-17 9:24:56 AM -08:00
Subject: Thanks For Your Obedient Reply

My Dearest,

Thanks for your obedient reply, I want you to read this letter very carefully and tell me if you wish to continue or not. I believe that to be with my God is better than to be living in this painful condition. I am given you this privilege not mainly on trust but for what a pastor that do pay me visit at the hospital told me when I explained to him my plans for the poor, he gave me two options only if I want to receive a greater reward in heaven and the first option was to hand the project to somebody I have never seen or met and the second was to put the whole fund in a bag and drop it at any alter of God with a written note on how I want the fund to be handled so that the unseen God will reward me bountifully when I die.

His idea was perfect but It was a very difficult task for me and it will be difficult for someone I have never seen to believe this, later I was convinced spiritually to do so and I’ve decided to go with the first option due to my health condition and present location. If you disappoint me then you have disappointed the poor and their unseen God who can judge you, so whether I trust you or not is never a problem to me but If you assure me that you will assist me to fulfill my promise for the poor as I have mentioned in my first mail then I will be the happiest woman on Earth and shall rest in peace when am gone.

I want you to exercise this divine assignment gladly like one of the world most generous British-American philanthropist named Andrew Carnegie who gave out $350 million dollars to charity. He added a comment by saying that he who dies rich dies disgraced. You can browse about him on internet to know more about his generosity.

Just to avoid temptation and negligence of this project, I have willingly accepted you to take 20% of the total fund for your effort assisting me to fulfill my promise and the rest which is 80% will be invested for the poor. The investment will include, (1) building of charity foundation hospital which shall have two sections, the section for poor with a lower charge or free medical treatment while section for the rich, they shall pay the full cost of their medical care, (2) A technical school where the poor can learn a talent for their survival. You can give me your own suggestion if you have a different plan for them. In your next mail I will like you to promise me that you will take only 20% for yourself and invest 80% for the poor gladly.

In addition, to prove to you that the fund is mine, I screenshot and attached my online banking account front page where I deposited the fund separately for donation since 2012 and my recent pictures at the Hospital in Venezuela but just leave the plan pending till you receive my fund.

Do you have any idea a plot of land may cost in your Area? Do you have a different plan for the poor? Your opinion is welcomed.

I will be expecting your honest reply with your opinion and international passport or Identity card, also assuring me that you won't disappoint the poor when am no more. Please your second mail is very important to me as it may determine whether to continue with you or not. This is a big amount of money so keep it secret until my fund is in your hands and make sure you don't open your mail box at a cybercafe to avoid another person impersonating you before my bank which may result in cancellation of this transfer, as my account officer clearly advised me.

Thanks, and best regards!

Mrs Ruhama Koenig


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