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#391521 by AlanJones Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:14 am
From: Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation - [email protected]
Other Emails: [email protected] & [email protected]
Tel. No.: +2348025617124


I must apologies for the inconvenient my previous government has cause you to received your contract funds from the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC) Well now that everything is under my control globally you can see how we are fighting corruption all over the world, i find out that your due payment is still kept awaiting to be paid to you there in your country. Your total funds with interest with the NNPC is about $450,000,000.00 and i want you to note that i have given an order to the accountant general in charge to issue out this payment to you with immediately effect after which all legal protocol have been meant including the document needed to be paid for by you.

You are advise to pay all charges imposed on your funds for clearance purpose and transfer,then the accountant general will have to employed the services of a lawyer on your behalf to signed all legal document on your behalf and be informed that there is no way this fee can be deducted from the principal funds due to new banking policy here and don't even mention deduction from the principal funds $450,000,000.00 to the person to contact because it is impossible

Note:The total fee to pay to get all this document for the release of this funds $450,000,000.00 is US$1,700.000.00 United Stated Dollars.

Below are the list of document needed to secured and signed before your funds $450,000.000.00 can be released to you and the total cost of the document is $1,700.000.00 and i will advise you also to make the $1,700,000.00 transfer installmentally due to transfer policy everywhere in the world so it will be wise to get the $1,700,000,00 transfer 3 times to make things easier for you there in your country.

By transferring $500,000.00 first then next transfer should be $500,000.00 before the final $700,000.00 without no problem OK,please note that accountant general will not response to you if you did not follow instructions given to you therein,so your next email to him should be how you are to transfer the $1,700,000.00 fee to him for securing the document for your release of your said funds $450,000,000.00 and a definitely date must be given when you are sending the first payment.

Below again are the document you are paying $1,700,000.00 for and it will take 72hours working days for those document to be available.

DIST,= Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer Certificate
International Remittance File,
Irrevocable Presidential Permit (IPP),
Homeland Clearance Certificate,

Deduction is impossible from the principal funds so take note of that as earlier been told,if note the accountant general will not respond back to you.

So contact the NNPC chairman now and asked him the bank account to start transferring the fee US$1,700.000.00 to bit by bit for the document mentioned above so to procured the document before the your funds $450,000,000.00 can be release .

NAME :Dr Emmanuel Ibekachikwu
Email: [email protected] Email:[email protected]
Phone Number:+234-80-2561-7124

Muhammadu Buhari

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