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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2019 17:05:04 +0000 (UTC)
From: Alhaji Jameel Rashid Abbas <[email protected]>
Reply-To: Alhaji Jameel Rashid Abbas <[email protected]>
Subject: Waiting to Hear From You Soon

Waiting to Hear From You Soon

I am Alhaji Jameel Rashid Abbas, the Director of protocols and Chief
personal assistant and nephew to the former Late president of Iraq
Saddam Hussein.

As you may know, it has been years since the death of Saddam Hussein
and the unfortunate war that was orchestrated by lies from the western
world against the state of Iraq.

As a result, a lot of oil installations, billions of dollars worth of
properties and above all, precious human lives were lost in this

Before the war fully broke out, his excellency Saddam Hussein gave us
instructions to secure vital documents leading to most of his
properties within and outside the State of Iraq, and most importantly
he gave me mandate to move out substantial amount of funds both in
cash and through banks for safe keeping in case the unforeseen happens
and his government is toppled.

In fact it may shock you to read that over $1bn ( One Billion US
Dollars) equivalent of (£640m) was physically moved out on the eve of
the break of the civil war and American invasion of Iraq by one of
Saddam Hussein sons.

Read this:

Saddam's son took $1bn from bank on eve of war

I was the one in charge of all those silent successful operations but
unfortunately most of the people who assisted us to secure most of
these funds took advantage of the war and the situation to steal most
of the funds and because of this most of the funds were lost.

After the war and death of the head of state, a lot of his properties
and funds were confiscated and seized by the government.

As a business man and chief contract protocol officer then, I was able
to arrange the safe movement of about US$6,500,000.00
( Six Million Five Hundred US Dollars ) out into a safe financial institution
using my contacts as a registered contractor with the state government
as investment funds.

After all these years, I have decided to seek for an outsider and a
foreign business partner whom I can trust and hand over and entrust
the funds into his safe custody as investment funds.

The funds are very safe and free from any illegalities and has no
trace with Iraq. In fact I deposited it with legal documentations
showing and confirming it to be proceeds from contracts executed and
duly paid with my company as a sub contractor in Europe.

I will avail you of all necessary documentations, including a
certified and notarized history of funds letter covering this said
funds for your records as we proceed.

My initial plan was to initiate a face to face first meeting to
discuss most of these sensitive information to minimize the risk of
exposures of this transaction, but unfortunately I have been very sick
with a serious kidney and heart disease and my doctors have warned me
against traveling.

More also the government has been keeping a watch over most of us that
were close to the former government and most of our telephone
conversations are monitored as I was reliably informed so I guess you
can reason with me.

I want you to treat this letter with utmost confidentiality as you can
see that my identity and connection in this business need to be
protected as I am still being watched by the State security agents as
part of the former late head of State close family associates.

I will be willing to discuss further on our sharing pattern and other
mode of operation once I get a favorable feed back from you through
this my private secured email: [email protected]

Alhaji Jameel Rashid Abbas

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