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#437767 by No_Occasion Sun Jan 22, 2023 1:47 am
My mom was scammed out of around $260,000 over the past year and had to sell her house to pay off her debts. I helped her through the debt crisis, changed her phone number, moved her into a seniors lodge, and hoped that was the end of it. Two days ago the scammers found her again and she has given them her new phone number. I'm really worried that the scamming will soon start all over again. It's all been reported to the authorities, but we've been told that they basically can't do anything. My mum has early stages of dementia, so she is extremely vulnerable and doesn't perceive the risk. To complicate things, I live overseas so I can't be there to help and monitor her all the time or block numbers on her phone. I have zero expectation of recovering anything. I would love to see these people get caught, but I know that's also a long shot.

This is all of the information that I have gathered on them so far:

Scam type: Lottery scam, told my mom that she had won millions and just needed to pay fees to get the money. Also told her that she had won a car at various points. May have evolved into a romance scam as well, my mom said that the scammer said that he loved her, but I don't think that was really working.

Mechanism: The scam was conducted entirely over the phone as my mum doesn't use the internet or email at all. They also sent her some things in the mail, and have recently sent contractors and pizza delivery to the seniors lodge to try and get to her, which unfortunately was successful as my mom is very trusting. They got money by getting her to make cash withdrawals from her bank and credit cards and deposit them into accounts that they would provide details for, or they would get her to buy gift cards and read them the numbers over the phone. When she ran out of money they convinced her to get loans from predatory lenders and pawn her jewelry, including her wedding ring, to get more cash. They seem to know all of the holes in the system, like getting her to go to big box stores to buy the gift cards, and getting her to do cash withdrawals on her credit cards so that the bank has no liability.

Anthony S Brown
Anthony Seargent Brown
Brain Brown
Brian Scott
John Wayne
James Green
David Martinus

Phone numbers they have used to contact her:
1-403-907-3559** most recent contact 20 Jan 2023
1-336-594-4021** most recent contact 19 Jan 2023
1-876-843-1509 – call said it was from BMO Harris Corperation
1-240-546-8160 – Said BMO verification

Bank account details they have given her to send money to: (All have been reported to the banks, most have been shut down due to other fraudulent activity, but BMO in particular was unwilling to give me information about whether the accounts were investigated):

John Schweer
Acc 3052212
Tran 258109
Inst 001

Dennis Elkow
Acc 3935522
Tran 34639
Inst 001

Acc 7259012
Pin 0002
Verify at 1-240-546-8160

James Garner
Acc 3935522
Tran 34639
Inst 001

Sanva Walcott
Acc 1846280
Tran 71332
Inst 002

Arthur Canning
Acc 1107488
Tran 81620
Inst 002

Phyllis Pollet
Acc 5029145
Tran 03902
Inst 003

Royal Bank
Arthur McFarlane
Acc 3928123
Tran 2402
Inst 784

Royal Bank
Martha Voege
Acc 5032982
Tran 06572
Inst 003

TD Bank
John Fleming (June 2022)
Acc 6324748
Tran 28322
Ins 004

TD Bank
Donovan Fonseca (Sept 2021)
Acc 6652854
Tran 28082
Institute 004

TD Bank
Shannica Peart
Acc 6374886
Tran 76298
Inst 004
Address: 11-104 Hanbidge Crescent, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R7C5

Jodine Leslie
Acc 7184492
Tran 06060
Inst 010

James Green
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