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#391807 by Beast3260 Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:36 pm
[email protected] (Allied Irish Bank)
Address: St Helen's
1 Undershaft London,
EC3A 8AB United Kingdom
Tel:+44 797 838 8524
Email: [email protected]
Mobile/Whatsapp: +44 797 838 8524

Ref: Payment Approved Notification.

Attn:Mr John micheal shook

You have already accessed your account deposit of $7.5 million in our Bank .We are still expecting to hear from you regarding the documents we requested to use to back up your fund transfer so that there won't be any issues when the funds arrives your bank coordinate. It might please you to know that we have been undertaking such transaction of this magnitude and greater for over 20years, hence everything is handled professionally. Therefore i advise you to pay the sum of $2,580 only for the documentations and administrative fee so that the fund transfer will be effected to your account without any hitch.

Finally: If you have any important and urgent question.you can communicate to us on our WhatsApp number +44 797 838 8524.

We look forward to hear from you.

Yours Faithfully.

Mr.Aoron Barry.
(Branch Manager)
WhatsAPP +44 797 838 8524
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[email protected]
Approved Notification.
>> Attention John SHook
>> Contact the below information as forwarded to you and receive your
>> compensation fund $4.5million right into your account without problem.
>> just follow to the instructions alright! Contact E-mail address :
>> Email: [email protected] . And get back to me immediately let`s rob
>> hands and mind together. Let me know how much the bank charge you so
>> i can see what i can do to help you ok! and receive you total fund
>> into your provided account accordingly Or rather you would prefer
>> receive your fund via ATMCARD delivery right to your doorstep. get
>> back to me soon receive this mail ok! i am waiting... Contact E-mail
>> address : Email: [email protected]
>> AIB (Allied Irish Bank)
>> Address: St Helen's
>> 1 Undershaft London,
>> EC3A 8AB United Kingdom
>> Tel:+44 797 838 8524
>> Email:[email protected]
>> Mobil WhatsAPP +44 797 838 8524
>> As you contact the above bank information for your wire transfer fund
>> $4.5million into your operational bank account do get back to me soon
>> you have contact the bank for your transfer fund and let me know you
>> receive your fund without delay ok!
>> We urgently needed the above information for us to complete your
>> transaction.
>> Kindly acknowledge your receipt of this mail.
>> thank for your co-operation.
>> Respect and Regards
>> Yours in Service
>> Lucy Bratts

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