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ImmoBrand International Real Estate at http://www.immobrand.com


ImmoBrand® was created as a small family business in year 2003, a short while after director Martin Brandon finished his post grade studies (MBA- AUEB London business school) and after working as senior executive for an important local real estate company.

Wo took advantage of the internet and we used it as our N°1 tool to communicate with our clients and to promote our services and products. We realised the huge potential that the internet has to offer and by this, in just 2 years we opened our second office in Italy, focusing on the same strategies as before: helping foreigners to successfully invest in a real estate property in United Kingdom and Italy.

In just 1 year we were receiving more and more requests from our former Clients to help them sell their forein properties. This lead to a change in our strategy of doing business. We went from dealing only locally and nationally in Italy and the United Kingdom to handling property transactions world wide through the internet.

What began in London, UK, in 2003 as "a pad of paper and a dream" is now an international real estate agency that spreads across over 23 countries.

Nowadays, understanding that the Internet and real estate professionals are the top two resources most buyers turn to when searching for a home, we changed the way we do business so we take full advantage of what Internet can do for us. All of our Clients properties are now promoted locally but in the same time we advertise it world wide on the Internet. Although our agents are only in Italy, United Kingdon and also Netherlands, this was never an issue because once we reach an agreement with our clients via email and telephone, an agent will be sent with the first flight to meet the Client, take the tour of the property and close the deal.

We believe being obsessed with our Clients needs is the key to our success. Our motto is: "Would I buy this property?" That is why our clients will find here at ImmoBrand the best deals in Real Estate.

Although we have been very successful in establishing our company in assessing foreign buyers in the residential property market, we have remained the same young, dynamic, full of enthusiasm and friendly business, treating each client with all our attention and care, and aiming for excellence at all times.

Today ImmoBrand is a really prestigious, over 1200 people have bought home with us and have no hesitation in recommending our services, largely due to the constant effort to maintain a smooth post-sale communication with each and every one of our Clients and a personalized service.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the very first section of every standard pre-printed real estate purchase contract form, provides that the buyer of real property to make a deposit of money (generally referred to as an "earnest money deposit" - not to be confused with a down payment). The required earnest money deposit will be held into a maintained trust account of ImmoBrand - Rental and Earnest Payments Administration. The role of the deposit (especially for international properties) is that it tells us that the Purchaser is serious about entering into a legal commitment to buy. In today's hot real estate markets, it is the only way to differentiate the serious buyers from the non-serious ones.
This will give the Purchaser exclusivity to the property in order to create a purchase contract. A pre-purchase agreement will be made in order to schedule a private viewing (for properties outside Netherlands, Italy and United Kingdom the planning for the viewing will take an extra 3 days).

Rochester Row, Westminster, London SW1P, United Kingdom
Bijenik, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Via Vittorio Veneto, 00187 Roma, Italy
Bialostocka, 03-748 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +442032878383
Fax: +442032878384

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