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#305351 by lighten_up Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:13 pm
Mr.James Eze
+229 98659411
[email protected]

Greetings From Money Gram

My name is Mr. James Eze, I am the manager of Money Gram department in Bank of African ,I am here to inform you that a man came to our office this Morning his name is John Ward he told us that he is your Brother living in United State he said that you are dead accident about two months ago on your way going to work and before your death you told him that you have fund worth of $3.5 million dollars cost of $168,.00 to receive the fund worth of $3.5 million and he came here with the $168 dollars for the activation this your REFERENCE NUMBER #65087505 to pick up your first payment of US$7000,00.today

If real you are dead may your soul rest in perfect peace AMEN, but if you are alive pl ease due call us on this Direct telephone number:+22998659411 or get back to us with the $168 dollars activation fee of the REFERENCE NUMBER #65087505 today and pick up your first payment of US$7000,00 today okay.

If I did not hear from you today with the activation fee then I will collect the $168 dollars activation fee from Mr James Eze and give him this information to starting pick your daily US$7000,00 from our Money Gram office around

But if you still alive use this information to pick up your first payment of (US$7000.00 next 2 hours after you send the $168,00 right now)

Sender's name==Williams George.
Text Question==Color?
Answer== Green
Moneygram REFERENCE NUMBER: )#65087505

Below is the information to send the $168 dollars activation fee via Western Union or Money Gram transfer and receive your first payment US$700,00 next 2 hours today

Receiver Name____James Eze
Country ?.. Benin Republic
City ____ Cotonou
Text Question____ Color
Text Answer ____ Green
Amount ?.. $168usd
MTCN ?..
Sender Name ?..
Sender Country ?..

Do have a wonderful day if you are alive but if you are dead may you soul rest in peace (AMEN)

Yours Faithfully

Mr.James Eze Director Money Gram/ Telex Dept.
Email:[email protected]
pl ease you can call on this Direct telephone number:+22998659411
Bank of African Benin Republic

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