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#304820 by AlanJones Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:43 am
From: Mr. Williams Cash Jr. - [email protected]
Reply-to: "Mr. Williams Cash Jr." - [email protected]
Tel. No.: +22998314670

Good day.

I’m the new appointed Postman of Regular Mail Post Office branched at Porto Novo-Benin. I assumed this office on 28th July 2016. On going through the files of the previous records of this office,

I discovered that there are six parcels containing ATM cards each one attached with an email address of the owner on it. The former appointee of this office (Alhaji Ahmed Musa Jr) failed to carry out the delivery as it was instructed and programmed. And one of his reasons for not carrying out the delivery was that you have not provided your postal address to him for the completion of the delivery.

According to the content recorded in each file, the ATM card was deposited by one Senior Evangelist Mathew Peterson who died two years back. On the statement he wrote on the list, he stated that each of the aforementioned ATM cards contains $2.5 million.

Meanwhile, I am making the arrangement of posting the six parcels through Regular Mail Post Office to all of you. So, I want you to provide your postal address and your personal information as listed below:

1. Your Full Name:
2. Your Postal Address:
3. Your Country and current City:
4. Your Telephone Numbers:
5. Your Country’s Postal Code:

Don’t be surprise in case this message appears in your mail box as “undisclosed recipients” because I am sending the same message of the same content to six of you at the same time.

I went to our head office at Cotonou-Benin and reported the issue of the discovered six ATM cards in my office and they verified it and gave me the order to carry out the delivery immediately after you send the $125usd for the Postal Stamp of the parcel. We would have deducted the fee out of the main fund but as you are clearly aware that we don’t have any access to the pin code of the ATM card until you receive it and open it by yourself.

It’s an illegal act for us to open the pin code ourselves. So, you should send the $125usd today for the Postal Stamp. Send the $125usd through Western Union or Money Gram to my secretary SAMUEL ADIMI as listed below:

Receiver’s Name: SAMUEL ADIMI
Country: Benin Republic
City: Cotonou
Text Question: URGENT?
Answer: TODAY
Amount: $125
Sender’s Name:
Sender’s Address:
MTCN or Reference Number:

Thanks and God bless you as i will be waiting for your urgent response with the payment info soon.

All the best,
Mr. Williams Cash Jr.
New Appointee of Regular Mail Post Office, Porto Novo-Benin.

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