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The claims manager of The OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery. As the licensed operator of the National Lottery, our prime business objective is to maximise returns to the Good Causes in the most efficient and socially responsible way.

While we are committed to raising money for the Good Causes designated by Parliament through infrastructure, designs new games, develops the marketing support for lottery products, provides services for our online winners, and runs the network to promote e-mail subscribers that are active online in the past year, among the millions that subscribed to Yahoo, Hotmail and few from other e-mail providers in partnership.

Moreso, we must commend you for the prompt response and information given, as it had really helped us to make relevant verification that you are the legitimate winner of the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery award. Thus, we are glad to inform you that, your e-mail address have been selected as one of the legitimate winner of the BOPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery award. As you already know your e-mail address was randomly selected along with others from over 250,000 websites on the internet. Each e-mail address was attached to a OPEC REFERENCE NO: MCL/9420X/16.

The President, board of trustee, and the entire members and staff of the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery sends their warmest congratulatory message to you this day, on the final approval of your won sum in the 1st category of the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery.

Be informed that the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery Claims Verification Department has completely verified the information you have presented, as directed by the board of directors of the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery and I am pleased to inform you that you are eligible to receive your won prize of $2,000,000.00 USD. Note that your funds had been insured by the British Insurance Corporation (BIC) to its real value of $2,000,000.00 USD ( Two Million Dollar), hence deduction from your award prize money becomes impossible as it must get to you in full.

The process for claiming your wins has been made very simple so that by the end of two weeks at most, you are assured of having received your cash prize of $2,000,000.00 USD ( Two Million Dollar). However, the First Direct Bank Plc, are responsible for the transfer of your winnings and all documents backing the legitimacy of your won funds with us to you. You will be issued these documents upon meeting with their terms of services. Please oblige to follow the First Direct Bank Plc instructions so that your transfer and winning documents can get to you timely.

So in light of the above, we wish to inform you that, you are to immediately contact the international funds transfer manager, Mr. Solomon Anthony of The First Direct Bank Plc with the details below for prompt actions on the online transfer of your won funds without further delay:


Mr. Solomon Anthony
First Direct Bank Plc,
First Direct Bank. Regional Office
Head, Foriegn Payments
Department Fifth Avenue,
Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Tel: +(234)805-373-3735
Fax: +234 8505-938-251
Official Email: [email protected]

Note that you are to provide the First Direct Bank Plc that will be handling the transfer of your won funds with the required details below to officially identify you:

1) Winner's Full Names:
2) Present Full Address:
3) Telephone Number:
4) Winning Email:
5) Amount Won:

Feel free to file for your funds with the First Direct Bank Plc, they are our trusted bank on the disbursement of promo award winner's funds as we can assure you on the strenght of their service and we have repose confidence in their banking policy.

Lastly, I will require a concise update on your proceedings with the First Direct Bank Plc that will be handling the transfer of your won funds. If you need any assistance whatsoever from this office, please do not hesitate to inform me.

Congratulations once again from all members and staff of the OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery, and we thank you for being part of our lottery promotions program.

We await your swift response.

Mr. Olusegun Adeyemi Adekunle
OPEC Mega Jackpot Lottery,
National Representative.
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