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From: Dr. John Ikechukwu - [email protected]
Reply-to: "Dr. John Ikechukwu" - [email protected]
Other Email: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +22966534169

Telephone:+229 66-53-41-69
E-mail; [email protected]
Website: www.moneygram.com

Attention Dear Beneficiary,

Please, We have this month of July 2016 to received a payment credit instruction from the federal Government and United Nation (UN) to credit your account with your inheritance payment which is in the custody of our Bank account here MONEY GRAM ONLINE CASH PAYMENT.

It became imperative to contact you on the subject matter because after the fund has been brought to our office to remit to you through Money Gram,Money Transfer. somebody from your country by name Charles Porter contacted us and said that you are on sick bed and ordered him to contact us to remit the US $3.7 Million which we want to confirmed from you if you gave such order to him to claim your fund as a result of being in Hospital. Meanwhile; We have gone ahead to the Federal High Court and the Board Of Directors to renew your files this morning to enable us start your payment to you. And we wish to convey to you that every other necessary arrange meant for transmission of your payment has been completed by the Money Gram Office , But we will not hesitate to inform you that it is now your responsibility to officially settle for the re-validation administrative charges of your payment file in order to enhance a successful transfer of your payment without any obstruction along the line.

Furthermore, we are therefore notifying you that you are to officially make an administrative charge of ($66.00 only ) from the above mentioned Authority to enable us process the validation of your payment file through our head office here. Note In Money Gram transaction when an amount of fund in transition is more than Us$4,500.00 Dollars, the document file will be validation before the transfer will commence as ordered by the Federal Ministry of Finance and in all the Money Grams of the world-wide. Therefore you are required as a matter of urgent to send the fee of $66 only so that we will start your payment now. And We want you to know that this is a legitimate transfer and that is why our Federal Ministry of Finance said that your file which was deposited at this Money Gram with your name must be validation before the transfer will commence.

Now we hereby urged you to call or email us urgently for your comments which will be highly appreciated if you are still alive or not on sick bed with sum of require activation fee of $66 only which you will send before we commence the transfer of your first payment $4,500.00 usd immediately, because we will not hesitate to continue the payment transfer activation with the name of the gentleman on claim if no response come from you. as your silence will be a clear indication that you authorized Mr. Charles Porter to claim your fund. And you are to get back to me on my privet e-mail below;( [email protected] )

We want you to know that once you send this fee, you will receive your first installment payment of $4,500.00 within 2 hours and it will also proof that you did not in any where ordered Mr.Charles Porter to come and claim your fund that you still need to receive what rightful belongs to you. NOTE that the only thing holding us to transfer your first installment payment $4,500.00 usd is the activation fee of $66 only. And also be rest assure that as soon you send this $66 only we must start transferring your fund to you through this Money Gram Department without any further delay and this is the only fee you have to pay in this transaction as it was written down already by the Federal government of this country that mapped out the compensation for you.

Therefore once we receive your payment information,it will only take us 2 hours to remit your first payment $4,500.00 through Money Gram Money transfer. Here is the information where you can send the activation fee with this information through money gram money transfer below;

Receiver's Name:..........:Larry Daniel
Country :...................:Benin Republic
City :....................:Cotonun
Test Question:........: In God
Answer:..............:We Trust
Amount:..........:$66 only
Sender Name;..............:
MTCN Number:..............:

We are waiting to hear from urgent today together with the needed fee in order to enable this department go ahead and release your payment's to you immediately as the real owner of the fund's.

Looking forward for your anticipated response through this e-mail below; ( [email protected] ) or your urgent call immediately with this number below +229 66-53-41-69.

Very best regards,
Dr. John Ikechukwu
Director Money Gram
International Benin Republic.
Direct Phone number for urgent discussion :+229 66-53-41-69.

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