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#299637 by soldierfortune Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:52 am
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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 15:54:17 +0000 (UTC)
From: Tiago Ralier <[email protected]>
Subject: I thank you for your reply through Zorpia

I thank you for your reply. How you respond to me. It means that you are interesting in my proposal thanks, now I am an orphan and I feel relax when I see his promise to help me. Right now I'm restless, please request I need from you now is. I want you to see me as a member of your family, when I come over to your country after the transfer so i can feel a home again. At the same time, I choose you as a Christian by faith and prayer, and believe in it. Finally, I like your country as a peaceful country and its my dream country. When I asked the director of the Bank all the necessary required of you, he told me to collect such information from you.

1. Your full name
2. Your home and office
3. Your Private phone number
4. Bank account details where the bank will transfer the money.
Name of the bank,
Account No,
Bank swift code
Account Name

More about me
Nadege Ralier Tagro
Abidjan Cote d'ivoire
phone +22567631571

And I will be happy to hear your voice please call me. I live in the church and my pastor is my guardian present now he takes care of me until I come over to your country. My father's uncle, who is the only person who left in the family started selling properties of my late father and when I talk, he beat me and try to kill me, then I ran out of the house. Good thing he does not know about the money, and I am here with a priest until I leave this country. Pastor Contact is

Rev Pastor Martin Dyke
Petal Christ's Grace Ministry
06 BP 1078 Abidjan 06
Abidjan Ivory Coast
e-mail [email protected]

Due to the sudden death of my father, I do not feel comfortable in this country again, because the people who killed him may halt me too. Secondly, because of the political crisis in this country, you know that Rebel has taken over the northern part of the country, and is now trying to capture the economic capital Abidjan, which is where I am now, and I want to transfer this money quickly, before it is too late.

Finally, the agreement that was concluded between the late father and bank. In the contract says I should look for a partner outside of my country, and the money will be transferred to that person, and that person will be referred to as my family life allowed manager abroad. It alternative to say that if I want to access the money on my own without such partner, I will be 25 years, but now I am 20 years and can not wait until then, because of the above reasons. If you want me to send certificates of deposit, death certificate, my late father CV and many other documents for you to understand all about me I can send it to you,

I hope to hear from you soon
God bless you

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From: Rev.Pastor Martins <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2016 11:43:49 +0100
Subject: I greet you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

I greet you in the name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST

Attn, My Dear "xxxxxx". compassion towards others should be an integral ingredient of our relationship with Christ. Paul reminds us: “Carry each others burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). 1 Peter 3:8 directs us to: “Be compassionate and humble.” There are people in our neighborhood and around the world who are in desperate need of someone to show them the compassion of Christ. Let's be that person. One of the great attributes of Jesus is His compassion. Some 700 years before Christ's birth Isaiah prophesied: “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young” (Isaiah 40:11).

I am writing to you expressing appreciation for your disposition to render a humanitarian service of guardian/family trustee manager to Ralier tagro who have been in my custody for some months now. Your assistance regarding everything is welcome and i hereby state as follows with my integrity as an ordained man of God:
1) I have known Ms. Tagro for nearly one year now since she ran into our sanctuary for refuge as a result of mysterious circumstances surrounding her fathers death late Mr. Desiri Tagro Ever since then, she has been here, she have proved to be good Christian both in character and good conduct.
2) I approve of her relocating basically on three reasons (i) Because of the political situation
here as you rightly know, it is no longer safe to continue to keep people who came to seek shelter here. (ii) Because of the circumstances of her fathers death, (iii) Because she have found the kind of person whom she has been dreaming of: someone who has fear of God and who will welcome her.

However, i have to assure you that one day you will call me and thank me for my job well done because I have brought her in a manner that if not because of the above reasons, i would have not let her depart from me because she is of great value to me in this ministry. Finally, i want to obtain your word of guarantee in any form that this child shall be safe in your custody to continue her live as normal human beings. While you have done this, i urge you to feel very free to render what ever humanitarian help you can to this child. So it will give me the greatest joy to see her live happily again. These are reasons i want her to leave as quickly as possible. All depends on how serious and commitment you are and as soon as the fund is in your account whats next is for her to come over and join you. Please i want you to help her in anyway possible because she really need your help. May the peace of the lord God be with you and your family as i expect your respond

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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 12:50:52 +0000 (UTC)
From: Tiago Ralier <[email protected]>

Good Afternoon

I just get a text message from the bank now and they said i should give you their bank contact and you should contact them directly through their email address.

Address: I 161, Abidjan - Côte d'Ivoire
TEL: +22579670476
Bank website: http://www.ubabgabj.com/
Email: [email protected]

After you contact the bank I will like to hear from you when they reply to your mail,

Thanks and God bless you

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