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Factor Private Equity at http://factor-pe.com


Factor Private Equity LLC was founded in 1981. Since its inception, Factor Private Equity LLC has contributed to the expansion of direct investment in American and Europe market. Meanwhile, in US, as a leading venture capital firm Factor Private Equity LLC has focused on cultivating, fostering and supporting venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby contributing to the revitalization of the American economy.

In the past, funds, information and human resource generally flowed in only one direction—from US to its European counterparts. However, in line with recent economic growth in Asia, the flow of funds, information and human resource from European countries to US has been growing sharply, with two-way flows becoming increasingly common. With the sharp increase in the number of Japanese companies wanting to develop business in European countries as they seek further growth and also in the number of European companies looking to form alliances with US companies to strengthen their competitiveness, there is strong demand for systems capable of supporting these moves.

Amid such massive shifts in the business environment, Factor Private Equity LLC will further focus on business related to Europe. This includes cross-border and two-way support between US and European countries: assisting US companies to expand into the European market and also directing European companies as they break into the US market.

As a comprehensive investment company that covers US and Europe, Factor Private Equity LLC will look to all investment opportunities and grow with Europe, aiming to become a company that is trusted by all our stakeholders.

Address: 531 S Hope Street, Los Angeles 90071 CA
Phone: +1 213 289 3780

Created 9th June 2015 for 1 year only and subsequently renewed for a futher year.


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