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American Mailing & Shipping at


Why Haven't You Heard Of Us?
Until recently, American Mailing & Shipping was exclusively medical, serving the local health systems and private medical practices with all of their transportation requirements. Since we deliver the packages all over the US and abroad every day.

What Exactly Do We Do?
Our clerks will ship your packages all over the US and abroad. If you need regular, daily or weekly deliveries, we are happy to schedule that on a route too, offering a discount for this service.

American Mailing & Shipping Mailbox
PO Box 14235 Baton Rouge, LA 70816
tel. (318) 516-3112
fax. (800) 864-1312
[email protected]
[email protected]

Created anonymously 4th February 2016 for 1 year only
and it looks as though that PO Box belongs to a pet rescue charity, so good luck with that!


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