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#290849 by Tim Atem Wed Apr 06, 2016 6:20 pm
from: Mr. Terry Taylor - http://[email protected]
reply-to: Mr. Terry Taylor - [email protected]
phone number: (202) 792-9250


I sent the payment through Money Gram and all I could come up with was $4500 dollars, I was unable to come up with the total amount $9000 USD. Meanwhile the Agent at the Money Gram office just called me that they has to purchase your payment files so as to put your name on the receiver's file in order to avoid any illegal transfer or any hindrance on you when receiving the money that $155 dollars is for the purchase fee only. But I was already out of the town for an investment project which I told you that I will be going for, Note: I had already paid the transfer charge to them so please what I want you to do is to send the $55 dollars to them so that they could purchase the payment files and send the payment information's to you in order to pick up the $4500 dollars today okay. I told the lady in charge of the transfer not to delay on any thing once you send the $155 dollars to them that you really need the money urgently. Here is their contact address.

Agent in charge
Mr. Terry Taylor
E-mail: [email protected]
Tell:(202) 792-9250

Send the $155 dollars to them through Western Union or Money Gram any of the office that is close to you on this information written below so as to make the process easier and faster.

Name of the receiver is: CHUCKS EZE
Country...................Benin Republic
Text Question...............Trust ?
And Answer....................Honest

Then after you send them $155 dollars, send the payment information's to them. Tell Mr.Terry Taylor to give you the payment information for $4500 USD, once you send the payment of $155.00 to them to enable you pick up the money.

Kindly update me immediately you picked up the money. Await your urgent response.Please just accept that little amount i know is not much.

Thanks& God bless
My Regards to your family
Connie May


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