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Romance Scammer - Kelvin Opery - [email protected]

Other Email - [email protected] (son)
Tel. No.: +2348138956676 (son)

Facebook profile - Oghene Grate (Kevin Opery)

I am Capt. Kelvin Opery and i am from the United States and what about you ?

well presently i am here in the Jordan Red sea where i work in the sea and now i am divorce with one son and what about you ?
am single and have no children, was never married, lived with my partner 25 years, he cheated on me with a younger woman and I parted from him before 6 months

My son is 15 years old and His Name is Nelson
So tell me what is your Job ?

Well presently he is on his international Studies in west africa where he is schooling there

No he is in africa
That was where his school posted him to for international studies for one year

But you know i am so worried he stay there alone and there is no one who he see as a mother

well i do not like to share my woman with another man as i am very jeleious man
good evening kelvin

i like my future wife to be always be happy with me i also like an out going woman so we can move together as husband anmd wife
because we think the same, though am not very jealous, but a little. and share with another woman my man, is a no go

So tell me can you see my son as your son too by at the time we get married and you take good care of Him

I know he will love you as a mother because he use to tell me that i should look for a woman who he will see as a mother again

I just came back from work my dear and yesterday i told son about you and he was very happy and now he want you to contact with him so he learnt to know you more
Yes and now honey i want you to contact with son on his mobile numble
I miss you so much honey and now where are you
Honey have you been able to contact with son already
And now son told me that he did not get any message from you
Yes honey and now I will give his email to you
[email protected]
But right now honey I have a little problem and now I want you to help me honey

I receive an email from my bank manager that the money that was used to compensate me now that I need a foreign beneficiary so that I can receive my fund from the bank because the bank where I keep the money want to close down

Okay honey and now I will introduce you to my bank manager as my foreign receiver of my fund
But the bank manager say that befor they can transfer the money to you in your country they will ask you to pay for the bank transfer charges

i just receive an email now from the bank manager and now he forword
United Bank for Africa Plc Nigeria,swift code UNAGNGLA acc,Account Number 3002008726 .Account Name:Omatseye Jefferson Onoriode
Address no 57marina LagosNigeria brenchoffice 55 okpe road Sap,Delta State Nigeria sort Code 033243313

Fake email forwarded by the scammer
Attention XXX.

Regard to your email, We are writing to inform you about the sum of €920,000.00 (Nine Hundred And Twenty Thousand Euro) That belong to Capt. Kelvin Opery which is here with the manage of our bank, United Bank For Africa Nigeria to be transfered to you.

We will appreciate you been our customer for private banking offering a level of client confidentiality, professionalism and reliability that remains unparalleled. Thus, due to this headline and the receipt of such funds received 5th/02/2016 on your name which has been deposited in our sundry available account to be credited to an operational account in your name, you are now request to hold a Non-Residential Online Account with our Bank,the Account department will process your account in accordance with our responsibility,since this Bank will be opening/ activating an online offshore based operational account in your favor to enable you carry out your swift online banking.


It is better we Educate you on the Terms and Services of our Private online operations.

1.You will be entitled to enjoy the facilities on a residential account holder(Cheques, ATM Card or Debit / Master Card) as well as
loan facilities to enhance your business investment after 6 months of your consistent Banking with us.

2.This Bank does not entertain cost of transfer hence it is a Zero COT and your deposit accrues interest after a period of 3 months.Be
advised that you will be allowed to enjoy these facilities With our Bank due to the fact that we are a Governmental offshore Bank.

3.You will be require to forward your bank receiving account details across to us that will enable us effect the transfer to your nominated

4.You are also required to come up with the sum of €675 Euro only for us to obtain the Fund Transfer Approval certificate from the ministry of foreign affair Republic of Nigeria on your name that will enable us forge ahead with the transfer into your bank.

5.Your privacy is assured since our web/home page is secured and can only be accessed by our customers and not intending customers.


(1).Strong privacy policy,bank secrecy, a principle born with the 1934 Swiss Banking Act.
(2).Less restrictive legal regulation low or no taxation (i.e. tax havens)
(3).Easy access to deposits also in terms of international monetary regulation.
(4).Protection against local/international political or financial instability.

You are required to send the €675 Euro to MR OMATSEYE FRIDAY via Western Union OR Money Gram Money Transfer to Lagos Nigeria as the receiver country and get back to us with the payment information together with your bank receiving account details.

We await your correspondence to enable us advice you accordingly on the necessary steps on how we are going to forge ahead soon after you provide us with all the requirement.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation as all of our professional Bankers are all on ground to provide you with an excellent services.

Head Of Operations.
Dr Wilson Phillip Panammer
United Bank For Africa
0499 CTRS04 Lagos Nigeria.

Bank account subsequently provided to the victim:
United Bank for Africa Plc Nigeria,
swift code UNAGNGLA
acc,Account Number 3002008726 .
Account Name:Omatseye Jefferson Onoriode
Address no 57marina LagosNigeria brenchoffice 55 okpe road Sap,Delta State Nigeria
sort Code 033243313

Stolen photos used:
Image Image Image Image Image Image

Fake documents:
Image Image

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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