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Attn: Beneficiary

We receive the shock news of a near fatal accident that left you with a broken spinal cord which impaired your ability to hear and speak. In order words, we have been officially informed that you are now invalid, deaf and dumb arising from a motor accident which damaged your spinal cord. This information is provided to us by your partner/ Lawyer appointed to oversee your transaction.

Furthermore, your partner presents us a set of documents to portray that you have willed your funds to him and has given him a Power of Attorney to take over your transaction and claim your outstanding funds accordingly.

In view of the sympathetic and sensible nature of this report, we are obliged to confirm this from you before taking action in favour of your partner by wiring the funds to his chosen bank account as well as sympathize with you. Please confirm the validity of this report and state clearly whether you are invalid, deaf and dumb arising from your auto accident.

To further convince us that you are the very person, I would prefer you call/email me immediately you receive this message otherwise, we would have no choice but to act according to you’re Will.

Expecting to receive your call and email.

Yours faithfully,

Rev,Dr.Chi Millions.
Chairman Payment Transfer Dept
Federal Ministry of Finance.(FMF)
Phone: +234- 8027970359.

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