Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
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Dear Applicant ,
We got your email and we want you to have faith on this transaction , we will be giving this loan out with the loan interest rate of 3% . To proceed further we want you to fill in the form below sincerely :


Amount required:

Payback Duration:

Purpose of loan:

First Name:

Middle name:


Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY):


Marital Status:

Home Address:


State / province:

ZIP/Postal Code:

Rent or own a house?

How long have you lived there?



Monthly Income:

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Best time to contact you:
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Lugar: Oficina Central de Procesamiento, PARCELA 27 carretera Gariki GN,

Tel: +2348050834907
Email: [email protected]

Attention: Dear customer,

Welcome to Great Universal Loan Company, we give out loans faster and more reliable service to our customers. And appreciate you for doing business with our loan service, so have faith with this loan service.

I acknowledge receipt of your mail, I want to use this medium to inform you that you will never be disappointed by this transaction and I promise to take you to the top of the financial culture, and at the end of this operation,you are expected to meet our loan company rules , because we are here to make a difference in your life.

we give out this loan in faith, hope you will not make a move with our money, and we think you can be trust. You've come to the right place, you can quickly and easily get your loan, we are Christians , and we will never deceive any body, because we all know that God is watching us.

We want you to be free to take any step in this loan transaction, and that the success of this transaction is 100% guaranteed

Terms and Conditions

1) The applicant must restart the payment after three months he / she has received the loan.

(2) The applicant must provide their full name, identity card (driver's license, voter card, international passport or national identity card) and the address to transfer the funds.

(3) Failure to pay the loan on the date or period will advocate laws against the applicant by our lawyer immediately.

(4) An applicant who does not meet the refund will be given threemonths periods of grace before the legal action.

5) The applicant will be responsible for the documentation fees in the loan transaction before the lawyer sign and approve the loan for transfer

6) The company will be responsible for all other costs within the company.

If you agree with the rule and regulation of the company, please reply to this email with your contact number and full address
so you can receive your loan funds as soon as

I await your quick response (ASAP)


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Here is the lawyer bank details :

Account name : Etinosa Enifo
Account number : 3068116434
Name of bank : firstbank plc Nigeria

* Bank account reported

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