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Glasscherries LLC at


Glasscherries LLC was founded in 2004 and launched a package forwarding service for international customers who had a desire to buy various products directly from US-based websites that for some reason does not provide international shipping. Glasscherries LLC provided customers an access to various online retailers and offered a service for forwarding packages from one of the Glasscherries LLC warehouses to over 220 countries and locations worldwide. Today, Glasscherries LLC has five warehouses located in the US, United Kingdom, Belgium, Peru and has more than 200,000 consumers across the globe.

If you have any additional questions, please read a detailed job description. To apply for Package Handler position, fill out an employment application form directly on the website. It will be automatically forwarded to our HR manager, he will review your application form and call you within next few days to conduct an interview and discuss everything regarding your employment with us.

Head Office Address
200 Continental Drive, Newark, Delaware, 19713
Phone: +1 302-294-0294
Fax: +1 302-272-9334
Support: [email protected]

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