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I am posting to help many unemployed people from a potential scam predictor:

Please be advised:

This Company is posting JOBS in many websites like indeed and other job search sites.

The promise is you will make between $1800 and $3600 a month after you complete a 4 weeks training program.

This con is very well done. the web site is very professional

The scam is done like so,

You are represented like any other company would do prior to employment but you have to do 4 weeks of training prior to employment. Every week there is a test you must complete and pass

After the second week they will offer you a part time project that pay a small amount but this will require you to use your bank account to process PO's through.

The project sounds very simple :

" I’m writing to let you know that I’ve set up an interesting little project for you in our procurement department – something
to keep you occupied and earn you some pocket-money whilst you’re doing the training. We’re currently opening a new office in Europe and they
need several items of equipment – things like laptops, cameras and phones. Apparently, our procurement department won’t be able to find any
reasonably priced suppliers for at least another month, and obviously the office needs the equipment in order to be up and running in time
for the official opening. The department have therefore decided to take on part-time managers to source the necessary items until they
sign a permanent agreement with the suppliers.

You’ve done well in the test; your resume is very impressive and our psychologists have given you an excellent report,
so you should have no problem getting onto the program.

The position comes with a salary of $400 a week. There will be approximately 5 hours’ work per week. The job will mainly involve purchasing
computer equipment online – laptops, scanners, printers and the like. Finance will send you a manual explaining how to access funds
and make payments. If you have any questions in that area, please contact them immediately. As well as your salary, they will also
be sending your commission on a weekly basis. You won’t be required to share any of your personal information.

The job will run concurrently with your stage one training, i.e. it finishes after you’ve taken your final training test. It’s not only a nice
way to earn a little extra cash, it’ll also give you some great practical experience, which will be a distinct advantage in the long run.
Furthermore, it'll earn you some extra training points, which will come in very handy against the stiff competition in TX. If you’re interested
in applying (and I strongly advise it), just let me know and I’ll pass the info on to the training department.

By the way, if you do take this job it will improve your prospects significantly and double the size of your training
paycheck ($3,600 instead of standard $1,800). It’ll also put you in line for a much better paid position with the company.
The project is due to start tomorrow, so please let me know asap."
The PO it self look very weak no vendor, you will be ask to shop for office supplies at your own decision.

As a former fortune 50 company employee. I know that a company has a vendor list and would NEVER ask you to channel money through you personal back account and shop at you local store to buy high dollar ticket such as laptops

After a STATE of NY Business search I could not verify the Business
After a UK search of Liberty L&W in LONDON (HQ): I could not verify this business either

SCAM alert

Liberty Logistics and warehouse

Liberty L&W in LONDON (HQ):

28 Throgmorton St.,
London EC2N 2AQ,
United Kingdom

Tel.: 44 (20) 3287 1810
[email protected]
Liberty L&W in HONG KONG:

Pedder Bldg.,
12 Pedder St., Central,
Hong Kong, China

Tel.: 8 (52) 8192 5810
[email protected]
Liberty L&W in NEW YORK:

161 6th Ave, 8th Fl.,
New York, NY
10013, U.S.A

Tel.: 1 (646) 845 9810
[email protected]
Liberty L&W in ZURICH:

Leutschenbachstrasse 95,
Zurich, 8050,

Tel.: +41 (44) 268 5810
[email protected]

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Whois Server:
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Expiration Date: 23-sep-2016

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This is a money mule scam . Thanks for Posting .

For the Google Bots:

The gaining of prosperity and perfect results in everything we do is the main goal of our growing company. At present Liberty L&W is a worldwide leading supplier of logistics solutions for such services as: warehousing, airfreight (including air freight, air cargo, air charter), ocean freight, logistics project management, rail transportation and others. On daily basis we improve supply chain solutions and expand through the international market to provide more flexible and reliable transportation and import/export services of all kinds of machinery, industrial and mining equipment. Besides Liberty L&W launched a subsidiary company devoted to the transportation of dangerous goods such as radioactive, flammable, explosive materials and firearms.

Liberty L&W is proud to use innovative equipment and technologies at the reasonable cost. As well we guarantee our clients quality of logistics services and professionalism of our experts. Even the most reputable companies rely on our qualitative services and innovative approach.


Liberty L&W announces the opening of a Kiev, UA regional office which will set up a largest transportation chain in Eastern Europe. Albert Holbrook will work from this location as vice president and transportation supervisor, specializing in machinery equipment. Mr. Holbrook brings 30 years of logistics experience to the Liberty L&W division, having served most recently as senior transportation officer at the London office. We also plan to meet the diverse needs of our Asian clients by opening a new office in Hong Kong in January 2016.


Liberty L&W announces the launch of its update air freight services. The fastest, safest and the most reliable way of transporting the goods, is by air. The faster you can do it, the better it is. Liberty L&W has selected some of the most well-renowned carriers in the world that guarantee a smooth and on-time delivery around the world. Due to such serious significance of air freight services, our company established the most innovative technologies in sales and service centre in Dubai to provide our clients the best way of delivery services.


Liberty L&W announced that it has formed two new business areas to be better able to proved customers with all range of services within the Industrial Market. The two new areas are the Industrial Market, Strategic Industries and the Industrial Market, Regional Sales and Service and they replace the former Industrial Division and Service Division. Both business areas will focus on managing the total life cycle of the customers' assets and will deliver a full range of products, services and solutions.

Career with Liberty L&W

Due to the expansion of the transportation/warehousing market in US/Canada, our company set up the hiring project to fill up about 75 new vacancies. Liberty L&W hires and promotes the most qualified applicants to work together and to achieve the common goals, excellence in everything we do and to improve our products and services. We hope that the development of influence in USA and Canada will open new possibilities for Liberty L&W Transportation and new members of our team.

If you'd like to become part of the Liberty L&W global family, please send your resume to our managers [email protected] (For HR or Paul A. Ellis)
or call:+1 (646) 845 9816.

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