Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Trust Financial Services Group at http://www.trustfinancialservicesgroup.com


Our mission is to make the closing process as stress free as possible by providing efficient escrow services. To be competitive and functional based on a philosophy of service, prudential criteria, innovation, a strong code of ethics and technology, and integration of the expertise and experience that over the years we have acquired, however the human factor remains our most definitive and strongest quality. We are committed to these values, as well as the search and institution of the highest standards of quality and profitability. We look always to be the best option in the provision of closing services specialized in consolidating a leadership position between the major institutions of niche in the country, in terms of efficiency, profitability and administration of resources of our customers and investors, with an approach toward the satisfaction of their needs.

Easily sated we only hire the best. Our clients choose Trust Financial Services Group because of our staffs strong caliber and the level of service we deliver.
Our employees are consistently supported and trained by a team of corporate advisors. Our seasoned escrow specialists stay informed about current regulations and create practical-customized solutions for a variety of finance related challenges. When you choose Trust Financial Services Group, you can be certain that your transaction is in capable hands.

6240 West IH - 10, San Antonio, TX. 78201
PHONE: 210-228-4067
FAX: 210-855-5262
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