Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Windy City Property Management at http://www.windycitypropertymanagement.com


Windy City Property Management

Our company was founded in 2002. We have a team of Real Estate professionals that know how to create value for owners and investors by maximizing the performance of each property through strategic analysis and in depth knowledge of the market. At the same time we maintain the highest level of commitment to customer service and support to the residents of our properties.

We focus on the details and will provide the management services owners are seeking and residents will enjoy. We have the experience to provide owners with comprehensive leasing and management assistance that goes above and beyond what is provided by other companies. We are a full service management company solution for owners and investors with a core property management competence.

Honest Business Practices:
Many types of internet-based companies are founded on a whim and are "here today gone tomorrow" establishments, and the internet businesses in the field of real estate sale are no different. Therefore, we have made a solid commitment to stay and provide the level of service our clients deserve

Windy City Property management
50 E Madison St Chicago Ilinois 60606
Phone1(312) 379-8735
Fax 1-312-264-0319

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