Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#263349 by HannahsDad Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:50 am
Benart Health Care at


Medical billing and you

We are the leading provider of medical billing services to consultants, consultant groups and hospitals throughout Ireland and the UK. We have delivered results to hundreds of clients nationwide with unprecedented transparency and dependability - just one reason why our clients continually recommend us to others.

Our professional approach and expertise means that we can help maximise your private practice income while affording you more time to concentrate on patients.

As a busy healthcare provider, we understand you do not always have the time to submit invoices and follow up with insurers to make sure you are getting paid for the work you do. That's why consultants and hospitals trust us to manage their private patient billing for them. With years of experience in the medical billing industry we have built up a professional team of people dedicated to your practice. Supported by our in-house IT, we can deliver results while simplifying your involvement in the billing process.


* - Health Care's mission is to be the UK's leading provider of specialist services to healthcare professionals and facilities. We assist clients with all aspects of invoicing, reporting and accounts receivable management. Benart - Health Care combines cutting edge technology and innovative practice management solutions to deliver a premium service at a competitive price, allowing healthcare professionals to maximize their private practice income and have instant online access to financial information.
We have a first class reputation in the marketplace for professionalism and excellence and are looking for enthusiastic, flexible, hard-working individuals to join this committed and dynamic team.

Benart - Health Care
Address : 526, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142780489
Fax : +33142780489

Francois Health Care at
Francois - Health Care
Address : 465, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142780823
Fax : +33142780823

Laros Health Care at
Laros - Health Care
Address : 3126, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142780123
Fax : +33142780123

Prudhomme Health Care at
Prudhomme - Health Care
Address : 974, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142783545
Fax : +33142783545

Jolico Health Care at
Jolico - Health Care
Address : 44, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142780480
Fax : +33142780480

Lessa Health Care at
Lessa - Health Care
Address : 44, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142780480
Fax : +33142780480

Bari Health Care at
Bari - Health Care
Address : 344, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142787318
Fax : +33142787318

Favre Health Care at
Favre - Health Care
Address : 423, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142785328
Fax : +33142785328

Forti Health Care at
Forti - Health Care
Address : 235, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142781494
Fax : +33142781494

Raymo Health Care at
Raymo - Health Care
Address : 852, rue du General Lanrezac
Phone : +33142781843
Fax : +33142781843


#264401 by whipy Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:39 pm
Favre Health Care is DEFINITELY FRAUD.

My company check design has been counterfeited by these people, including my signature.

They sent a check written on my account (very real looking check) to a random person. Asked them to deposit the check and send them $2,471 by MoneyGram

Beware of emails from [email protected]

Here is some of what they told the person they sent a check written on our account :

> Our customer has sent you a check for 2745. It is written out to you.
> The check will be delivered to your address via first class of Regular mail, approximately on 08/21/2015.
> Please, let me know as soon as you receive the check.
> You will need to cash the check and send the money via Money Gram to our customer:
> First name: Tullia Last name: Welfringer City : BRUXELLES Country : BELGIUM
> The best ways for you to cash the check are:
> 1. Mail your endorsed check with a deposit slip to your bank. Please speak with a bank representative to have a valid mailing address of the bank.
> 2. Download a mobile deposit app (preferred option, because money becomes available faster). Check to see if your bank features a mobile deposit app for your tablet or smart phone. Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank and other banks have developed apps for mobile devices that make depositing a check as simple as taking a picture. If one is available, download it onto your phone or mobile device.
> 3. Visit any credit union. If you're a member of a local or federal credit union, you can deposit checks not only at any branch of your own union, but also at any branch of any credit union.
> 4. Deposit the check into an ATM machine of your bank (preferred, because money will be available in 1-2 days or instantly).
> 5. Ace check Express
> 6. At any check cashing or cash advance store.
> 7. At the bank which issued it.
> 8. Cash it at your bank.
> Transfer details:
> Amount to be sent is 2471
> The Money Gram fee is 137
> Your salary is 137
> Deduct all additional fees (if any) from the amount to be sent.
> Print out important information from this letter or carefully write it down on a sheet of paper and check the spelling after filling in the Send Money form. And please make sure that the receiver's name is spelled correctly on the Money Gram receipt.
> As soon as you send the money, e-mail me following transfer details:
> 1. Control number from Money Gram (8-digit number)
> 2. exact transfer amount
> 3. sender's and receiver's names (as shown on the Money Gram receipt)
> Please, check with me before making the transfer, the receiver's name might have to be different.
> Thank you,
> Anais Gobeil,
> Financial Manager,
> Favre - Health Care

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