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#199487 by Mstephens123 Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:20 am
I recently came in contact with a scammers. He goes by Gary Hernández. Then he changed his last name to Bright then his fb page had a different last name of of Pearl.He is from NJ. He says he buys and sells gems for a living. About a month into our communicating he suddenly left for Dubai to do some gem buying. After a few days there he contacted me saying that his gems were confiscated and customs had his passport til he paid taxes. It was his problem he would fix it. Then about a week later of sweet talking and promise of marriage and a future he then disappeared online to only return a couple days later saying customs was demanding $10,000 or else he would be stuck there and not able to leave to come to meet and be with me. He then told me he could not access his US account. I needed to let his friend deposit the money into my account and then send it to him. That I said I would not do because of id theft is to high a risk plus o knew at that moment it was a scam. Now I wanted to see just how far he would go to prove that it was a scam. He said no problem but if I could lend him the money til he returned. All I had to do was wire his friend,as he had no passport, the money. His friend would then help him. I then asked him how I could no he was actually who he said he was and he said how can you call me a stranger? Anyways I wanted to see how much further he would go to continue this scam. Finally he agreed to scan a notarized document with id and a contract saying he would pay me back. Needless to say when I did get the scanned notarized document he had obviously cut and posted it. The wording was so badly done and of course he conveniently did not add the id. When I asked him to scan the id he got irate. How dare I not trust him :laugh-s:. Anyways it had the address on the notary of Gary's address in N J I Google mapped it to find out drum roll please.... it was a state park. Then I Google mapped his friend a Nelson Collins address that he supplied me to find that address was a shipping dock. When I asked him for the id again he got really upset. I knew it was a scam but I just wanted to show women how far a scammers will go and if this scenario is familiar it is a scam. Google stuff. Most importantly if he loves you he would not ask for money. I learned scammers will do anything to get any info so the can then use that info for stealing not only money but your identity. EMAIL [email protected] He goes by Gary H. Bright and Gary Pearl He introduced himself as Gary Hernandez then changed to Bright and then his fb was Pearl
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#199500 by vonpaso xlura Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:30 pm
Please post the emails, his email address, and his claimed address that turned out to be a park. This will help other victims find out that he's a scammer.

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