Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#17751 by mlouati1389 Fri Nov 27, 2009 7:53 pm
hi there. i have been emailing this lady about 2 bulldog puppies and i would like some help.. i feel like she is a scammer.. but i need some input please. i will post her emails.

Re: Englisch Bulldogge Welpen
From: jessica Babara <[email protected]> Add to Contacts
To: Removed member name [email protected]>


Dear friend , thanks for the mail and the interest that you have in my little puppies ok . you do not to worry your self about anything ok , i am going to personally make sure that the puppies comes to your home safely ok , so you just have to stay calm and wait for the puppy at your home . i assure you 100% that i am going to make sure that the puppy comes to your home safely . you just have to get some trust and confidence in me i promise you that i am not going to let you down .
dear friend i am a humble and god fearing woman so i can not sit on my computer and take small money from people ok , we are looking for a good and comfortable home for the puppies because we are very busy people and do not have enough time to spend with the puppy at home . you can not imagine that we do not spend up to 3 hour a day at home with the puppies . so that is our main reason for looking for a new home for the puppy . more to that the climatic conditions of our new home is not really good for the puppy .
dear friend we are not interested in money but a good and caring home for the puppies ok , so if you promise us that you are going to take care of the transportation of the puppies we are going to entrust the puppies into your home . you do not have to doubt us ok , you just have to stay calm and have some confidence in us we are going to do our best to ensure that the puppy come to your home safely .
dear friend while waiting to read from you , accept my sincere greetings .
yours sincerely .
God bless
mrs jessica .

helllo dear , i am not very happy to read from you that you have once been cheated by some one ok , but i think that in life we learn every day , you do not have to worry your self ok , we are going to personally make sure that the puppies arrive your home safely ok ,
we are going to take the puppies to our vet doctor tomorrow in th morning for some medical check up before we can thn send the puppies to your home . as soon as we come back from the vet doctor we are going to mail you and inform you on the health of the puppy so you just have to stay calm and wait for the puppy at your home .
dear friend while waiting to read from you , accept my sincere greetings .
mrs jessica


she then spoke to me on messenger and told me that i would not be paying the airlines, that i would be paying her. i asked her in one of my emails if i could pick the puppies up and she insisted on shipping the puppies..
i gave her my cell phone number and my home address. if this is a scam, is there a way she can steal money from me based on what i gave her?

#17752 by Ralph Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:05 pm
Hi mlouati1389

Welcome to Scamwarners.

It is definately a scam, if you take the opening line of this email and do a google search you will see many similiar scams to this one.

I will have a look myself to see what I can dig up.

Please do not respond any further with these people, cut all contact immediately and eventually they will go away.

Please be on the look out for other scam emails appearing in your inbox, after replying to any scammer your chances of receiving more scam emails increases

Scammers having your phone number and address is not a good thing, it gives them 2 more avenues to send you their scams, they are not going to be paying you a visit simply because you avoided being scammed by them so you dont need to be concerned about that.

You do need to be extra careful about phone calls, emails or letters that have anything to do with you sending money or recieving money, scam formats may now include some of your real details and look more convincing, so long as you are extra careful and ask here if you are not 100% sure you will be fine

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask
#17753 by Michelle Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:42 pm
The "seller" quite clearly says that you are to"take care of the transportation of the puppies ".

If this is a scam (and I believe it is, just by reading the writing style) you will be asked to wire money by Western Union or Moneygram for the shipping costs. Once the money has been picked up you will never see it again and you will find that the scammer then tells you that you need to pay further fees for veterinarian fees, insurance certificates etc. fact he will keep finding excuses for you you to pay more and more until you have nothing left to send.

#17760 by Dotti Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:36 am
Welcome to scamwarners! I have taken the liberty of splitting your request into its own topic so that it gets the appropriate level of visibility.

First of all, I know it is probably disappointing if you had your heart set on a puppy, but I am glad to hear that you realized this was a possible scam before losing any money to this person. Since my work outside of the cyber world involves animals, I personally keep a close watch on the latest pet scams, and I will definitely echo Ralph and Michelle in saying that this is absolutely, beyond doubt a scam.

I will take it a step further to say that ANY offer from a stranger for a free English Bulldog puppy will be a scam. English Bulldog is the #1 breed choice of scammers, and accounts for at least half of puppy scams (Yorkie is the 2nd choice, though other breeds are used). What people often don't realize is that English Bulldog puppies are very costly to breed, largely because they frequently have to be delivered by c-section surgery. People who breed English Bulldogs can be faced with hundreds to thousands of dollars in veterinary costs related to breeding. Because of these costs, unlike other breeds, there are very few "backyard" or "hobby" breeders of English Bulldogs, and there just aren't extra unwanted puppies available. If someone had an English bulldog puppy he couldn't keep, he would have no absolutely problem either returning it to the breeder or selling (or giving away) the puppy locally (unless it had something seriously wrong with it). Another thing to keep in mind is that people whose primary concern is getting the best home for the animal (as this person claims) don't give them away to random faraway strangers on the internet. First they would approach friends and family, and if they couldn't find a home, they would place a local ad so they could meet the people taking the animal, or they would bring it to a humane society or animal rescue if one was available. They would not ship the animal to some stranger they have only met by email.

"She" doesn't want you to pick the puppies up because (a)"she" is not located where she claims to be and (b) there are no puppies anyway. As Michelle said, if you provide the shipping money, another situation will come up. "She" will get the puppy to the airport, and will find out that it can't be shipped without insurance--so you will have to pay before it can get on the plane. Or it will have the wrong vet paperwork, and a new certificate is needed. You will need to send a few more dollars. If you pay that, new fees will arise, requiring another small sum of money. By then, you may feel like you have to pay those last fees because you have already committed so much. This is how the scammers get victims to keep paying--by convincing them that one more small sum is all that is needed to finish the deal.

Googling the name Jessica Babera shows the name was used to post a (now-removed, probably because it was reported as a scam) ad on a US classified ads site (for owners and items in the US). I don't know where the scammer claimed to be located with you, but the language tells me beyond a doubt that this person is not in or from the US. The person you are dealing with is most likely an African male.

Need to post photos?
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#17763 by Arnold Sat Nov 28, 2009 6:34 am
Just about all pet scammers are from Cameroon. I don't know why.
Claiming that the pet needs rehoming because the "owner" has moved somewhere (usually Africa) with an unsuitable climate is a common feature. And one that makes little sense. Any caring owner would have thought long and hard about moving half way round the world with a pet.

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