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#430527 by Carlabanker Tue Jan 25, 2022 9:28 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Trade Programs: I have a 20M minimum tear sheet program. From 100M, I have trades and bullets. Can also put gold into trade if it is in a good bank/depository and country. Let me know what KYC you have, i.e. amount, bank/depository, country, and kind of funds or gold (bars, etc. and purity).

Monetization/Trade of SBLC: I have a monetizer and trade program available. Will need CIS and current RWA from bank to client for this. Must be a top bank. Minimum 50M.

Four things about these offers:

a) need updated, current documents. Cannot do anything without both of these.

b) as stated before, you need to either be the principal or direct and in direct communication with the principal, and if none of these, please introduce the person who is direct to the principal and we can have a group chat on WhatsApp or group email. If this is not acceptable/doesn't work for you, and/or if you do not know how far you are from the principal, please do not bring the file forward. This has been working beautifully for those who are able to follow this direction, and not well for those who are unable to do this.

c) Please don't send anything including POS online/offline, IPIP or MD, redirection, historical assets, commodities, etc. etc.

d) If you contact me on WhatsApp, please introduce yourself. I do not automatically know who you are just because I've sent you an email.

Much appreciated and look forward to working with you.

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Ms. Nyang'ara Omwega
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#442082 by Carlabanker Mon Dec 11, 2023 1:45 pm
His new scam:

1) Monetization and Trade for Ven bonds on Euroclear only: LTV 10% in 48 hours, and an additional 10% in 5-10 banking days. Trade historical returns: 150% per month, split 65/5/30 client/intermediaries/trade group. Trade continues until maturity of the bond. Client can also extend the lease of the bond between them and Venezuelan government indefinitely and continue receiving trade returns. Receiving banks for MT542: Citi Bank, Santander Bank, Charles Schwab. Need current KYC and copy of instrument on Euroclear with all EC pages.
Note: the client must have the funds to for the Swift MT542 to be issued - trade will not pay these costs. Also, name on Euroclear must match KYC name. This is available until December 14, next Thursday.

Needed: full, current KYC including ISIN numbers of all bonds to be traded.

2) Similarly, Sovereign bonds from African and other emerging market countries can be monetized and traded. Need KYC and copy of instrument.

3) I have a receiver who can convert from:

A) Fiat-to-fiat, e.g. USD, Euro, AED, SGD, HKD, GBP exchanged for your desired currency.
B) Crypto-to-crypto, e.g. BTC, USDT, Ethereum etc. exchanged for any cryptocurrency of your choice.
C) Crypto-to-fiat, e.g. bitcoin or USDT to USD, GBP, or EUR
D) Fiat-to-crypto, e.g. USD, GBP, or EUR to bitcoin, USDT, ethereum, etc.

The procedure of conversion and trading of fiat/cryptocurrencies: after the sender has presented his CIS, coordinates to receive funds (bank account, WU, Moneygram, Paypal, or SEPA account), amount, type of cryptocurrency, and passport to the receiver/exchange office, the receiver forwards the coordinates/wallet address to send the fiat/crypto sender wants to exchange. Sender must move first, and can start with a tranche as low as 100K or as high as they want. Payments are as fast (usually within 30 minutes after receipt and confirmation of the sender's funds) as a money transfer via Moneygram, Western Union, SEPA, or standard Swift MT 103. This procedure is not negotiable.

Note: Will not work with little-known/dubious/scam sites such,,,, etc. etc.

4) Cash in HSBC London or Barclays London only - 100% bullet for 5-8 days, then 40 week trade at 100% or better per month. Client pays intermediaries between 5-15%. Must be clean and clear cash. No heritage funds. Current KYC needed.

5) EUR/USD Provider: I have a EUR provider available for USD. Discount: 20 (USD)/15 (EUR). USD moves first. Not negotiable.

6) I have a direct receiver for MT 103 and GPI all modes except MD. KYC only, no limit to amount.
Various types of GPI transactions receiver works with, no limit to amount:
Swift GPI MT103 Automatic Direct Transfer with COMMON
A) GPI bank code
B) GPI MT103 direct money transfer
C) GPI automatic direct money transfer
D) GPI automatic money transfer mt103
E) Cash transfer MT103 GPI full
F) Cash transfer MT103/GPI
G) Cash transfer MT103
H) MT103 wiring transfer
I) MT103 GPI / automatic / with code
J) MT 103 GPI semi-auto with code
K) S2S bank to bank

No upfront payment. All fees and expenses from the sender must be paid by sender. No registration with suspicious websites. No cryptocurrency. Just work cleanly and responsibly.

Receiver's implementation process:
After signing the contract confirmation within 24 - 48 working hours.
The banker sends the execution process and contract to receiver bank email or MT199 bank e-mail to the bank.
Banker replies with confirmation immediately.
Next steps as per GPI mode.
PGL ratified by an international notary office.

7) Redirection available for DTC, MD, S2S if you have TRN/codes and sender bank officer will send Swift MT 199 after funds located. Only KYC jobs; no hack jobs. Send DOA IF you are sender or direct.

8) My source is currently buying BTC at market price plus 5% to 20% depending on the amount of BTC you are RWA to sell through their exchange platform. They are based in Italy and UK. Seller moves first.

9) Still available: four acceptable Swifts for trade:
A) MT 799 block/reserve hold from HSBC London
B) MT 760 admin hold from HSBC London
C) MT 760 SBLC from any top bank
D) MT 103 cash from any top bank

Minimum 150M, maximum 10B. All must be from a top bank. No Chinese banks. Returns are as follows: 100% within first 48 hours of contract signed and 100% per week for 40 weeks. Four weeks or so later the trader will start a second trade with same funds/SBLC at 150% in 24 hours then 150% per week for 5 years. The two trades will run concurrently until the first trade ends. Trading bank: HSBC London.

Needed: full current KYC with current BCL/RWA or bank statement showing cash or SBLC.

Please only come forward if you are the client or direct. I will need to speak with the client directly or in conference call in order to bring them forward.

This is all for now. If you have an offer in which you are the provider or direct and have performed with the provider, let me know. MTNs, both spot and contract, are of interest, again if you are the provider or direct to them and can bring them forward. BTC sellers also of interest.

Thanks and good rest of your day! And if we don't communicate again this year, happy holidays to you and catch you in 2024 Godwilling.

Ms. Nyang'ara Omwega
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