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#438778 by Carlabanker Mon Mar 20, 2023 4:51 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

$1m to $5b Ping Trade [USD/EURO] 120% per day FROM THE TRADE GROUP

1. Corporations and Individuals may participate by invitation.
2. Only cash is accepted.
3. Financial requirements: Cash $/€1M+.
4. Currency: US Dollars or Euro.
5. Acceptable Banks:
Any International Bank of good standing and reputation, chiefly Top 100 Banks in Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore and Australia, plus branch locations of major Banks in Asia or the Middle East.
6. No Russian or Chinese banks.
7. Banking facilities available for profits(min €2.5m
8. Funds DO NOT MOVE from client’s accounts. The Trader works with the Ping Trade
Program. NO SWIFT blocks. (For non-acceptable banks or banks who will not sign the latest bank statement or RWA, funds will need to be moved).
At the end of the programme, clients will be considered for a Managed Buy/Sell programme offering 800% every 4 weeks.There is also an option for a Swiss company for lower tax.
9. Program begins with Daily Ping Trades of 120% up to 5-10 banking days with Rolls and
Extensions (daily continuously) as the client deems fit.
10. Based on the NET cumulative value, the program pays NET returns of 120% daily. The NET returns to the client are 120% and COMMISSION of 20% will be deducted.
11. Payments are made daily. Clients may withdraw returns at any time, but the principal must remain in their account for the term/duration of the trade.

Bob Manasseh Mbogo
Direct: +254 736 000 518
Whatsapp/Signal: +254 712 60 80 90
skype: mbogobob1

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