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#429459 by Grusskire Sun Dec 05, 2021 8:14 am
from: Maria Karwatsky <[email protected]> via redeemedcbc.org
reply-to: [email protected]
date: 4 December 2021, 4:18 PM
subject: Can I Rely On You With Full Trust and Confidence?


I got your contact from a business directory and I decided to contact you for a business with our company. I am an employee of a Biopharmaceutical Company in UK. There is a raw meterial (medicinal plant roots) used for research, development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, which our company used to send me to India to buy. I have been promoted to the post of a senior manager, our company will be sending a more junior staff.

Our Director has asked for the contact of the supplier in India. If you can perform well as the supplier, I will provide your contact information to our company director as the supplier. You will now buy the product from a local dealer in India and supply to our company, we can make profit up to a million dollars or more depending on the demand in every quarter of the year and the profits will be shared between you and me. Why I don't want our company to have the correct contact of the local dealer, is that, I don't want the company to know the actual price I was buying the product.

If you are interested to make a stress-free huge earnings, kindly reply as soon as possible for more details.

Maria Karwatsky

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