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#435320 by Ian Page Wed Jul 06, 2022 11:46 am
From: [email protected]
Reply to: [email protected]
Subject: Attention:Beneficiary
Received: Wed 6 Jul 2022 at 15:46


I am Honorable Kenneth Ofori Atta, the Minister of Finance and Economic
planning Ghana, A meeting was held yesterday and checking abandon file
of funds that are not yet to be paid in my office today I find out that
there were some irregularity in the conduct of your transaction which
did not allow your transaction go smoothly all this irregularity was
cause by the dubious government officials you have been dealing with.

I have put in place all modalities to correct those Mistakes which have
been committed, your funds will be credited into your account as soon as
I receive a confirmation Message stating that this Message is indeed
Directed to the true Beneficiary and evidence that you have Business
with the Government of Ghana.

I am aware of how much you have spent and how you have involved yourself
with people whom are not working with the Government of Ghana going
through your file I find out that you have spent some money which have
been diverted for personnel use by government officials,

With this Notification you should not in any means contact any other
person because it is only the office of The Ministry of finance and
economic planning Ghana that have the Authority and the mandate to
transfer your funds to you, once I approved your transfer by signing
the documents and the transfer slip that means your funds will be
credited into your account in 48 hours,

Get in touch with me via this email or my personal email below

yours faithfully
Honorable Kenneth Ofori Atta
Minister of finance and economic planning Ghana

Please reply to any of my emails below.
[email protected]

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