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#435237 by Ian Page Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:13 am
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Subject: KINDLY READ & RESPOND from Mariam Ahmed.
Received: Mon 4 Jul 2022 at 16:40

KINDLY READ & RESPOND from Mariam Ahmed.

Greetings from Mariam Ahmed.

I am Mariam Ahmed, the wife of late Mohan Hassan Ahmed.

My husband worked with Libyan National Oil Corporation, under the
leadership of late previous head of state (Muammar Gaddafi) My late
husband died during the war that also lead to Muammar Gaddafii’sdeath,
We were married for Thirty years and Allah blessed us with a handsome
son who also lost his life why trying to save the life of his father.

At the early stage of the war, my late husband, made arrangement and
move me and my only child to another country to Self guard our life,

while he stayed back to protect out properties and after months , my
son decided to go back to Libya to know how his Father was doing, but

I waited for 4 months without hearing anything from either my son or
his father and on my getting back to Libya I discovered that both my
lovely husband and son were dead, that was the most horrible and
saddest day of my life as I tried to die and join them.

Since then, my life has not been the same, I have been trying to
overcome the sadness and grief in my heart, but I find it hard to do.

Recently I was diagnosed of Chondrosarcoma and I was told that it has
affected the body system. It happened during the war and I was
seriously injured in our house , I am happy that this heavy grief in
my heart will soon end, but before that, I want to do something for
GOD, I want to end up in Heaven and that’s the reason why I am

contacting you so you can help me achieve my last desire.

My husband made arrangement and moved in some fund in cash to us in a
country i will let you know when i hear from you and some of the fund
worth $3.5m was deposited under my name with a Security Finance
company/bank because of the urgency of my departure from Malaysia and
the sad news I got back home, I have not be able to communicate with
the company for the release of the fund, as my heart was occupied with
grief. Now it’s my last wish to see that this money will be used to do
the work of charity and 30 % for your personal Endeavour . I will like
to ask the company to release this money to you, so you can help me
use it and do the work of Charity , so I can have my last desire

This is the last wish of a grief dying woman and I will appreciate it
if you will accept this offer, which I know that God will bless you
and your family for doing so.

I hope inshAllah, that you will grant me my last wish.


Mariam Ahmed.

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