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#419211 by FishyMails Wed Oct 28, 2020 8:35 pm
Reply-to: [email protected]
From: Mrs Elizabeth Cooks <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 17:22:30 -0100
Subject: Greetings

My name is Mrs Elizabeth Cooks from USA

I know that this message might come to you as

surprise because we don't know each other nor

have we ever met before but accept it with
an open and positive mind. I have a Very

important request that made me to contact you;

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer disease

which doctors have confirmed and announced to

me that i have just few days
to leave, Now that I’m ending the race like

this, without any family members and no child,

I just came across your email contact from my
personal search.

I’m a business woman from USA dealing with gold

exportation here in
Republic of Burkina Faso. I have decided to

hand over the sum of ($3.5
Million Dollar) in my account to you for the

help of orphanage
homes/the needy once in your location to

fulfill my wish on earth. But
before handing over my data’s to you, kindly

assure me that you will
take only 50% of the money and share the rest

to orphanage homes/the
needy once in your country, Return to enable me

forward to you the
bank contact details now that I have access to

Internet in the
hospital to enable you contact the bank, always

check your e-mail
always remember me for doing good.
Please don't forget to reply me in my Private
E-mail:([email protected])

Your early response will be appreciated.

Yours Faithfully,
MRS Elizabeth Cooks

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

#419219 by FishyMails Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:24 pm
From: "Elizabeth Cooks" <[email protected]>
Other e-mails: [email protected]
Tel: +22607979384
Date: 2020-10-29 1:41:31 AM +00:00

My Dearest in Christ,

How is life, work and also your lovely family, I appreciate your kind reply, The truth is that I am
seriously ill and can not do anything with those money in my account
after my doctors announced to me that i have just days to leave I will

appreciate also your care and willingness to help me handle this
transfer process and help orphanage homes and the needy once to live a
good life in the future, I have been a solution provider in people's
life and there is no way I will have this millions in the bank and
people starving in the streets.

I am so happy to have you as my foreign appointed trust person to take
over my inheritance fund $3.5 Million Dollars, Believe me the fund is
real and will be transfer into your bank account, It is my
contributions to the people. People who don’t have houses make them
have and live in Joy. Because I never thought it would be like this for
me today.

I am also glad to have you for this good work, So continue with the
bank, I pray to God to give you his grace to fulfill it as planned. My
dear the transfer will be successful with your speed communication
with the bank. The bank is now waiting for you to contact them for the
transfer of the fund $3.5 Million Dollars into your bank account in
your country. Kindly forward this message with your personal data
below to the Bank Director Dr.MALAM BOBO OUEDRAOGO. Email address and call him.

Below are the bank contact and my account information,

Bank of Africa (B.O.A)
770, Avenue du President A. Sangoule Lamizana
01 BP 1319- Ouagadougou 01 Burkina Faso
Name of Bank Director: Dr.MALAM BOBO OUEDRAOGO
Bank Foreign Remittance Director Fax... +22-6-07 97 9383
Bank Foreign Remittance Director Telephone +226 07 979 384
Bank Foreign Remittance Director email address:
Email:[email protected]

My account Information

The Account Number... BOA00361011019
Deposit Code Number....AT98
Swift Code............ AFT88
Amount: $3.5million USD
Depositor: Mrs Elizabeth Cooks

Fill your personal information and contact the bank for the transfer
into your bank account.

1. Full name:.........
2. Current Address:.........
3. Telephone N°:...........
4. Occupation:.............
5. Age:............
6. Country:........

My best regards to you and your entire family. Please always remember
me for doing well.i want you to forward the statement of account
alongside as you contact the bank.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Elizabeth Cooks.

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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