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#403656 by FishyMails Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:07 pm
From: yakubu raman [email protected]
Date: 2020-01-23 16:27:30+00:00
Subject: Attention: Dear Esteemed Customer/Fund Beneficiary.

Attention: Dear Esteemed Customer/Fund Beneficiary.


I am sending this mail to you at this time, because it is a very URGENT issue with regard to your fund payment. At this moment, it might interest you to know that there are very serious problems with regard to your transaction, because of the fact that there was an application that came to the Desk of the Director of Payments of the Foreign Operations Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ] through the office of the Director of Legal Services of the  Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), stating that right now you are ill and that you have been hospitalized at the SHANTI MUKAND Hospital, New Delhi, India. The application stated that right now, you are incapacitated and you are unable to take any further steps to lay claim to the contract/inheritance funds that was approved on your behalf.

The application also stated that the new applicant and a foreign business man from Nebraska, USA whom is ready to pay the remaining fees/charges that have delayed the payment of the funds to you, to come forward and claim the funds for immediate transfer into a new bank account with Bank of America, NY, USA. Going by this development, my office is sending this mail to you, for us to confirm if truly you are presently in the hospital and for us to confirm that it was based on your authorization and agreement that the funds should be processed and moved to the possession of the businessman from Nebraska, USA. Unfortunately my Office does not have any means to contact the said SHANTI MUKAND Hospital, New Delhi, India, so that we could possibly speak with you over the phone or send you an email at your hospital bed, but we sincerely believe that probably your office staff or your wife or children or family member could have access to your business email address, so that this mail will get to you.

Meanwhile we are still investigating what could be the reason(s) why you decided to hand over the processing and transfer of your contract funds to the business man from Nebraska, USA , though we tend to believe the fact that probably you might be ill as claimed by the new applicant. Again we do not know if it is some Nigerians are trying to collaborate and work with this United States of America business man in order to claim the funds without your knowledge Whatever may be the case, be advised that myself and my office do sincerely wish you a quick and total healing/recovery from your ill health, as we look forward to you concluding this your project with our bank as soon as possible. Looking forward to a response from you as soon as possible, so that we would be able decide on the veracity of the claims from the USA business man.

Muhammad Wada Muazu .L.
Deputy Director.
Central Bank of Nigeria

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