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#343776 by mettes Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:15 pm
From: "Mr.Frank Wilson" <[email protected]>
Reply-To: "Mr.Frank Wilson" <[email protected]>

Attention Beneficiary.

THis is to inform you that after the meeting held in my office yesterday which consist between the United States Embassy and the United Nations, African ECO- WAS, we have concluded that you will be compensated with all the money you have loosed in the hands of Africans and most especially BENIN REPUBLIC precisely.

We have deposited the cheque of your fund ($2.800`000`00USD) through Western Union department after our finally meeting regarding your fund, All you will do is to contact Western Union director Dr.Dominic Alonso via E-mail([email protected])

Tel:+22962802476,He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily.Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer
such as,

1. Your Full name....................
2. Your home Address.................
3. Your telephone number.............
4. A copy of your ID.................
5. Your age/sex......................
6. Your occupation...................
7. Your country......................

Though,Mr.Frank Wilson has sent $5000 in your name today so contact Dr.Dominic Alonso or you call him Tel:+22962802476,as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the Mtcn, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000 Please let us know as soon as you received all your fund,

Yours sincerely
Mr.Frank Wilson

#344132 by mettes Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:15 pm
Western Union International Money Transfer
The Federal Republic of Benin
Add:01 B.P.2289 Recette Principale,Cotonou,Benin.

Date 04/11/2017

Attention Beneficiary
Thanks for your mail we received.Secondly I am Dominic Alonso
the Managing Director Western union Money Transfer Payment office Benin Republic,Please you are advice to read this email very well and make sure you understand the contents and gets back to us with your transferring charge as it is stamped and signed that no single fund will be deduct or subtract from your total money of ($2.8 MILLION usd) until you pays the International Transfer Remittance Form fee of $177usd before we will proceed in releasing your every day payment details information of $5,000.00 only given to you for pick up when ever confirming your demanded charge of $177 usd soonest.

However,We were instructed by federal Ministry to transfer your funds to you via our service (western union money transfer office) so you will be receiving $5,000.00 usd daily until it complete the total amount of ($2.8 MILLION USD) as we have in our file here In addition,

I write to let you know that $5,000.00 has been sent but it is under the system of on hold.For the reason that you are required to pay for the International Transfer Remittance Form of your payment Account which is $177.00 for the safety of the funds and security purposes but Being a Director General,I have used my influence to send your first payment of $5,000.00 but it was placed on hold due to the International Transfer Remittance Form is not yet paid.So you are required as a matter of urgency to send the International Transfer Remittance Form of $177.00 so that the $5,000.00 being sent to you will be available in any western union Office in your city and you can pick it up immediately in order to enact with another transfer.

Please i will like you to Email Us as soon as you send the $177.00 to enable us follow up in order of your payment be available to pick up because the first payment sent to you by this office can not be pick up by you as the beneficiary until we confirm the $177.00 for the International Transfer Remittance Form Hope you understand my point? So your urgent respond is highly needed I promise you that i must put smile on your face if you can send the transferring charge of $177.00 as requested.

Finally,Here is the information on how you will send the $177.00 and the money will be send via western union or Money Gram Only:

Receiver name :Anthony Agudu
Country: Republic of Benin
City /Address :Cotonou
Amount : $177.00

And on a very Important note,Be rest assured that you will confirm your first payment of $5,000.00 within 1hr-45m of receiving the $177.00 And for your information,No body has right to deduct or Added to the value of the funds due to it is pounded with Insurance policy. The instruction is from the Federal ministry of Finance Benin Republic Your urgent respond is highly needed.

Thanks and God Bless
Dominic Alonso

#344264 by mettes Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:43 pm
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Western Union International Money Transfer
The Federal Republic of Benin
Add:01 B.P.2289 Recette Principale,Cotonou,Benin.

Date 06/11/2017

Attention Beneficiary Oppa Bakkes,
I'm acknowledged the receipt of your message and i wish to let you know that we work according to stipulated rules and regulation that's guiding this office and you have to go ahead and deposit the fee to our accountant protocol banking details noted below in order to enact with the release of your payments without any plight,and send us the payment slip once you make the payment for confirmation.

Beneficiary Name:Kenneth Callaway
Routing #-125000024
Swift code-BOFAUS3N
Bank of America
Bank Address:311 4th ave n
Kent,Washington 98032
407 Valley Ave NE #U204
Home Address:407 Valley Ave Ne Puyallup Wa 98372 USA

Your Alerted Reply Urgent.
Thanks and God Bless
Dominic Alonso

* Bank account reported

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