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#422661 by Kbrch Sun Jan 24, 2021 6:02 pm
I’m devastated and have come to this website begging for help. No one else can help me. Im desperate for advice. I went on Facebook marketplace to sell my wedding dress. I know it’s tradition to preserve it, but we needed a little extra financial relief because of covid and I wanted to give someone else a chance to wear it on their big day.
I ended up agreeing to sell the dress to someone by the name of Thomas Cornea for $1,200 plus he said he’d throw in the $100 to ship the dress. He gave me a whole story on how it was for his cousin. Not being tech savvy, I opened the emails he said would most likely be in my spam folder from PayPal. Yes I know, I’m an idiot. Obviously he knew they’d be there because he was writing them. I didn’t know people could spoof PayPal. It all look legit to someone who is familiar with scams. The email told me to send the dress and reply to the email with the tracking number, then the funds of $1,300 would be released to my PayPal account. After a couple hours the UPS store I sent it through had closed and I got a Facebook message from Thomas saying he got an email that there was a problem. I looked in my spam folder, like an idiot again, and there was an email from “PayPal” again saying that I needed to upgrade my account to an “executive account” and I had to pay $700 to do so. Thomas messaged me saying that he is going to pay the $700 on top of the $1,300 because I’m a good person and he trusts me to pay it back when the funds go through. Then he tells me that he used his bestfriend’s cancer money he loaned him and he needs the money back asap. Trying to get me to pay him $700. At this point, I reached out to friends and they all assured me it was a scam. So I called UPS not even 24hours after I sent the dress and told them everything. The representative assured me that the dress would be returned and she put a “stop delivery, requested to be returned to sender(me)” on the order. When I tracked the page, it said the same thing. I thought everything would be ok. Well almost two weeks later after calling the store and tracking the package, out of nowhere I got a notification that the package was delivered to the scammer at the address he requested. I’m sick. The scammer wins again and there’s no one to make him pay. Someone by the name Cuez even signed for it, which isn’t even the name it was addressed to. The address when you google it is a business called Planet Express. The address is what lead me to this site. Apparently they changed their name, but the address has been mentioned on this site before. They are still at it! I have the emails, screenshots of the delivery details, the address, and pretty much pictures of everything. I’m not sure how to post them here. UPS really messed up and I’m upset with them, but I’m more upset that they are getting away with my dress worth $2,000. I just can’t believe someone for that “company” would sign for a package that was not theirs or anyone who works there. Something has to happen to them. Can someone please help me?

#422665 by AlanJones Mon Jan 25, 2021 12:58 am
I'm sorry that you were scammed, but unfortunately there is not much that you can do except report the crime to your local police. You could also try seeking compensation from UPS for delivering the dress after putting a hold on it, but that is outside the scope of this forum and not something we can help you with.

With regards to "Planet Express", they appear to be a package forwarding company, who provide virtual addresses for people. So it is normal for them to sign for packages in the name of their clients.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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