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#382133 by 55+laidoffCVX Tue Feb 26, 2019 2:45 am
Two weeks ago a fake catfish company (Preta Energia S.A.) tried to scam me and I posted 4 parts description of my experience: https://scamwarners.com/forum/viewtopic ... 2&start=15
I ignored their "Job offer" letter and so two weeks later I got another fishy suspicious email from another potential scammer.

This is from a guy called Ramya Pai, from Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est (GPBT) in Au Dhabi. I will post the full email at the end of this posting for you to read. The first thing that arouse my suspicion is that they did not send the email directly to me but had my email address in the bcc. This means that the potential scammer use the same email and mass mailing to other people.

The next clue is that at the end of the email is a poorly scanned signature of a legitimately looking company information (which I cannot attache here because this scamwarners.com can not upload images).

So I went to their website gptuae.com and found more clues and suspicions that support my hunch that it is a scam. The scammer do not spent money and great length of time to polish and perfect their so called homepage but to fool desperate job seekers.

The website gptuae.com show obvious flaws:
1. “Hot Jobs” page do not display any job when search for a job
In the Job Role there are just countless name like “Vegetable and Fruit sales”…. Why a petroleum job agency has this job ? Or “Sewage…”
2. “New and Events” has nothing on it… except “coming soon……”
3. Location maps using the google map is not properly coded so it is not working. They do not hire knowledgable IT to design the webpage
4. Under “About us” each statement is so simple or brief and just to present a legitimate company look alike.

If this company is claimed to set up in year 1997, then 22 years later the website would be perfect and complex, but gptuae is a quick design fake website.

I believed that the same scammers from this previous Petra Energia SA is trying to use their database of potential victim and try a different trick using different company name and different scenario.

Below is a complete email I received from GPTUAE:
========== ====================== =====================

Dear Sir,
Greetings from Global Petroleum!
My name is Ramya Pai, working as a Senior Recruitment Officer for Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est (GPBT). We are 100% Local Recruitment Company based here in Abu Dhabi, recruiting for the Government and Private Sectors of UAE.
We are currently having vacancy for the following positions in COMPLETION ENGINEER
 Client                                   :              One of the Oil and Gas Company in UAE [BUNDUQ Oil Producing Company]
Contract Type                    :              Long term Contract Hire ( Yearly Renewal)
Job Location                       :              UAE
Position Type                     :              Resident Based , Offshore visit as and when required
Daily Rate                   :          All Inclusive Daily Rate 700 USD/Day for working days only that includes All costs for accommodation and transportation
Working Hours                  :              
·         Office: Sunday to Thursday: 07:00 – 15:00 hours. No overtime rate applicable if required to work extra hour as per project need
·         Friday, Saturday and National Holidays shall be subject to request of Drilling Operations Superintendent. Rate prorated for part of a day to the nearest half (1/2) hour on the basis of daily rate shall apply for Friday, Saturday and National Holidays during working at office. [ Eg: If you work for 4 hours on Friday then you daily rate will be calculated for no of hours ie. Prorated to nearest half hour on the daily rate basis]
·         Based on Project need, Sometimes you will be requested to visit Offshore .Offshore: Basically 12 working hours (on-call basis). He may extend his duty over 12 hours as and when deemed necessary. But, no overtime charge is applicable for extra working hours at the offshore rig site.    Company will provide PPE’s including coverall, safety helmet and safety boot, foods and accommodation on the drilling rig.
·         Daily Rate shall include telephone charge
·         Annual leave of 30 calendar days un-paid leave per year
*1: For the avoidance of doubt, All-inclusive daily rate shall apply for both office and offshore works.
If you are interested in the above Position and accept the Offer that is provided by Bunduq, Please send us your Updated CV Urgently
In order to avoid duplication , Please do not submit your application to any other Recruiter or Agency for the same position.
Thank you for your understanding and support,
Have a great day ahead
Thank You.
Kind Regards

((The footnote signature of the company info is very blur cut-and-paste image on the bottom of the email ))
A real company would have clear and original digital footnote.

I have google search all possibilities to find out if this company is fake or scam but had no luck. I entered the key word "scam GPTUAE"; "scam Global Petroleum Business & Trading Est"; "Scam GPT"; "Scam Ramya Pai"; "Employment Scam GPT";....etc

Please tell me what you think? Thank you.

#407829 by Oscardjan Tue Apr 07, 2020 1:48 am
55+laidoffCVX, thanks for posting!

I've got suspicious poorly written message from [email protected] asking my mother's name in the job application form :)
I can somehow understand it if they would ask my father's name as the job opening is in UAE but not mother's name as it is used as security question for some websites.

L&G, be careful with information you provide to unknown address.
#407840 by AlanJones Tue Apr 07, 2020 4:12 am
What was the reply-to address for the email? It is possible that the [email protected] email address has been spoofed and the scammer asks you to reply to a differend (possibly free) email address.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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