Room for Rent and other rental scams
#424342 by Pseudo Tue Mar 16, 2021 4:19 am
Hi guys,

The scammer reached out to me with this address: [email protected]

His/Her email was Denis this time :)

Email 1:
Thanks for getting back to me. I am Denise, 29 years old, a simple, cool and non-smoker lady. I am at the sea at the moment as i'm an employee of US Coast Guard Marine Inspection Detachment Philippines, but i was Born and brought up in Terni, Italy. I got transfer to be working and study part time down there but due to the nature of my work, phone calls making are restricted. I only squeezed out time to check this advert and send you message regarding this. I am ready to rent it asap, I will like you to kindly calculate the total cost i have to pay per months’ rent together with deposit. I will be staying for long as your room is available. I will also like you to kindly get back to me with more pictures and the full address for me to forward it to my mover agent to calculate the total cost of moving my stuffs over there. I have attached my international passport with this email for you to have a view of me. Looking forward to reading back from you soon.


Email 2:
Thanks so much for the details. I really appreciate you for taking your time to explain in full, and I would love to be one of thi lovely housemates. I would have loved to see and meet you in person too, but Due to the nature of my work, i won't be able to come down until i have the accommodation settled and ready. I am very social person that respect humanity and this make it so easy for me to get along with whoever that comes my way in life. I will be securing the room by transferring the rent to you through PayPal and if you do not have a paypal account, i can as well make a bank transfer. I will be so happy to secure the room as soon as you get back to me with your paypal or bank details. All you need to do is to send me the calculations of my first 2 months rent + deposit so i can make the payment asap. and if you have a PayPal account kindly get back to me with your PayPal email and PayPal name. I will like to pay in advance and my reason is that, I will be presenting the proof of my rent payment to my employer for verification before i leave here. Awaiting to read from you as soon as possible.
Kind regard.


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