Room for Rent and other rental scams
#419093 by Michelle Mon Oct 26, 2020 4:39 pm

Damian Nerren <[email protected]> napisał(a):
Thank you for your quick reply.
At this moment I'm in Germany and can not be present to deal face to face because of the actual Cornonavirus situation,for me it will be hard to get to Poland now,i really do not want to travel during this COVID-19 crisis. I hope you understand . This won't affect you at all. I can make arrangements to rent the apartment through Airbnb( ) which is an international company dealing specifically in rentals apartments, I used it in the past and I was very pleased for their services. The reason I use Airbnb is because they are one of the most biggest rental company around the world and I really trust them. I believe that you know Airbnb. Using Airbnb involves three parties: me as owner, you as a potential tenant and Airbnb as a responsible third party authorized to proper conduct the transaction. Using Airbnb you can see the apartment before you sign the rental contract, so you can choose if you want to rent it or not. You will make the payment for the first month of rent plus security deposit using Airbnb payment platform.I will open a reservation on the Airbnb website and indicate you as my potential tenant. I would like to explain you all the steps of the transaction. You need to make the payment to Airbnb for the first month of rent plus security deposit. After you make the payment to Airbnb,an inspection time will be settled and you will receive the keys and rental contract in 2 days so you can inspect the apartment. You will be given a 3 days inspection period from the day you receive the keys and contract that you will only sign after you check the apartment.The first month of rent plus security deposit that you have to pay is 100 % refundable if you do not agree to rent my apartment,Airbnb will issue a full refund to you in the moment you decide not to rent it. After you’ll receive the keys and contract, you check the apartment and decide if you want to rent it or not. After the inspection you will contact Airbnb and tell your decision: take the apartment or not ! If you don't take the apartment they will refund your payment. Airbnb requests payment in advance to be sure that the client really has the intention of renting the property and during the inspection he will not steal or brake anything in the apartment . This is the Airbnb policy. Please let me know if you accept Airbnb and provide me with the following details so that I can register the transaction with Airbnb and move forward:

- Your full name:
- Your Address
- Planned duration of stay:
- Total number of occupants:
- Your mobile number:

After i will have this details i will contact airbnb to start the rental procedure right away.

Kind Regards,

Damian <[email protected]>

I have sent your information to Airbnb and I just received the confirmation from them that you already received the payment invoice. You should receive an email from them with the instructions of what you have to do and how. Also the deposit must be confirmed in maximum 24 hours because other way I have to open another case with Airbnb and I must pay for every case.
The courier will be DHL and the package will be delivered at the address provided. Of course, you will receive a call 2 hours ahead before the package arrives.
One more thing: In the package there are 2 keys : a large keys with plastic cover for the door and a remote for the alarm.
The remote has 2 buttons (on/off) so before you insert the keys please press off to de-activate the alarm because if you insert the key before you will activate the alarm.
And please make sure that you don't leave anything on like electricity, water, etc.. I want you to treat the flat like your own home.
I will not bother you with anything for the entire duration of your stay as long as you pay the rent in time.
All this of course if you like the apartment :)
Just check your e-mail. After the deposit is made and verified by Airbnb you will receive the keys in 2-3 working days.

All that you have to do is follow the instructions from the payment invoice and we will not have any problems. It is very simple don't worry.
I will wait the deposit confirmation from Airbnb in the next 24 hours so I can prepare the shipping.

PS: Check also your email spam folder for the invoice. I received a copy and it was in my spam folder


This Scammer will arrange to send you an Invoice or notification -- Make no mistake, the document will be fake !
If you are reading this because you have received such an invoice or notification, kindly forward it to the address in my signature line and I will report the details to the appropriate authorities.


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