Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#381729 by JFmarieee Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:53 pm
On Thursday I had found a website that was selling dogs and I filled out the contract part and within a few hours I got an email everything seemed good. On Friday after talking to the man through email and text for a day and a half I thought this should be fine. Around 12:20pm on Friday He told me that the cost of the dog and travel together was all I had to pay for him to take the dog to the travel company. The total he got was $700 for the dog and travel. In the emails he gave me a name Abraham Griffin and the state Ohio and I put it through Western Union and yes that was my mistake for not knowing that REAL companies use cards not Western Union or MoneyGram. After, the money was deposited, the company got the "yes" from him that they could deliver the dog. On the "travel company" website the man sent me I knew it was a scam because the logo on the website did not match the website name. All the information was there and it said confirmed it even had a time when the dog was suppose to get here. Around 4 I got an email saying that the dog could not be traveled without an insurance so if I paid $950 I would be refunded on delivery and that just made me know it was a scam. Around that same time the man picked up the money I had sent. I tried texting and calling and no help or answer and the "travel company" picks up the calls from my family members phone and answers like a normal person but the second you say is this a dog company the guy says "yes how can I help you or do you have a tracking number". Even if I can't get this money back I want this to not happen to anyone else. People like me had a dog for 10 years and finally feel better and want to bring another dog into a safe and loving home and things like this happen. The website is and the "travel company" is and I knew it was fake because of the spelling and with looking around it is a fake from the real company and they even told me I am not the first this has happened a few times. Hopefully, this helps to get them and I would love to help with anything else.

#381732 by Terminator5 Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:01 pm
Thanks for posting these additional and obvious fake sites . Someone will look into them . Thanks for posting to SCAMWARNERS.

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