Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#36225 by David Jansen Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:13 pm

How are you today? I hope this e-mail reaches you in a good mood. My name is Jacqueline Jones and I am a consultant gynecologist surgeon and oncologist doctor, I work for different prominent hospitals, my husband and I are giving out this little puppy for free adoption. This little girl weighs 1.3Lbs at 9 weeks old & should be 3Lbs when full grown only. She is very friendly with children she fits in both palms of your hands. She is an AKC/CERF registered puppy, adorable and and sociable with a great personality and very good bloodlines.

She is vet-checked, up to date on shots and deforming, and her health is guaranteed. She was recently checked by a licensed Vet Doctor for heart, knees, skin, correct bite, and eyes problems and there is no sign of any problem. Bottom and straight sides are tender and shots are given up to date.

She will come along with a travel crate, AKC/CERF Registered Papers, Toys and Food with her birth certificate, I used to reside in California with my husband but after my son's death. My husband and I moved to Africa due to our work and we have the puppy right here with us. You have to promise me that you will take good care of her as she will be a new family member. Please, if you are not going to take good care of the puppy, do not reply this e-mail.

If you are going to take good care of her, kindly reply for more details about her. I await your urgent Response.

Thanks & God Bless,

Jacqueline Jones


Thanks for your care and your sincerity. However the baby is still very Much available for adoption. My pup is Akc Registered And Vet Checked and the puppy health is 100 % OK, My puppy is current on vaccinations and wording's with A Year Health Guarantee also the puppy is potty trained and home raised and socialized for tremendous attitude, excellent temperament, super train ability and has that special people pleasing personality.

I want you to know that i am in West Africa on a Christian Mission and due to my work i don't have the chance to take care of my little baby, So that is the reason why i am giving her out for adoption and i will like you to know the details of the Puppy and you can go through the baby register information of the puppy and Everything will be shipped with the puppy to you and the information below.Included Items

AKC registration
Travel Crate
Current vaccinations
Birth certificate
Shot book
Health guarantee
Certificate of health
Toys and Foods

I want you to know all the items above will be shipped with the puppy to You to i will be shipping to you all the necessary document because they Have been tested by a licensed vet doctor and i want you to know that the Puppy is 100% good and ready for shipment and she likes to play with all the Family and has a good companion with children and other pets, I want to Confirm if you Want the information for the puppy. Information for the shipment.

Breed: -------------------------------Yorkie
Name: -------------------------------Cassandra
Weighs: ---------------------------- 1.3lbs
Expected Range When Grown.......3lbs
Age: ---------------------------------9weeks and 3 days old
Registry: -------------------------------AKC & CERF
Breed Price: ------------------------------$0.00
Shipping Fees: --------------------$100.00
Total Cost: -----------------------------------$100.00

Get back to me with the Information’s Below If You Are Interested

Full Name:
Nearest Airport:
Contact Phone Number:

Nearest airport or would you prefer the baby to deliver to your door-step?
Name on the Tag:

Let me know if you would like some puppy grooming and feeding guide Magazines so that I can include them in the shipping.

God Bless
Jacqueline Jones

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