Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#33667 by Michelle Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:29 pm
From: smith painter <[email protected]>
To: Michelle.

Subject: Re: You have received an email about your Classified Photo Ad

Thanks and i am great to read from you regarding my Dog for adoption
.She is still available and needs a good home that will give her the
love and care she deserve . I am giving my baby away because I
relocated to Central Great Lake Region in WEST AFRICA for my new job
and when I arrived the new area 2 weeks ago , i realized that my
working hours are not O..K. for me to continue to keep her with me , I
am always very busy at work and have less time to spend with her.. Can
you imagine I cannot spend more than three hours with her a day ? My
apartment here does not accept pets and animals, so I cannot keep her
with me as it is highly restricted in my apartment . That is , she is
always lonely . their transportation documents renewal fee will cost
for shipment only $200 . She will be coming with the following
;#Health certificates. # 1 year health guarantee # Complete medical
records # Crate and a compact CD package so that you can watch to see
what she like and dislike . # and Playing toys So , getting a good
home for Derby is the most essential thing I have ever wanted . So i
have some&gt; few questions for you which I hope you get back to me
with the answers sincerely . I just want to make sure she is getting
into the right home . Hope you do not mind . Where are you located?
Why do you need Derby ? How soon do you need her ?Do you have any
experience in raising a puppy ( or pets in general ) ? Do you
presently have kids and other pets ? Are you morally and financially
prepared for a puppy? Who will look after the puppy when you are not
around ?She will be going for free so i will like you to get back to
me with your full name and full address including your nearest airport
and your contact phone number so that i can carry out shipping.My
contact number is + 2348032245470
please i will like you to promise me that you will take avery good
care of my puppy and if so please get back to me with your shipping
information such as
Full Name
phone number
your nearest Airport
Thanks And God Bless You


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