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#437209 by Troy Platt Mon Dec 19, 2022 11:41 am
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From: Graham Marchan <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2022 12:33:45 +0100
Subject: Dear MD/CEO,

Dear MD/CEO,

Our Client is currently seeking means of expanding and relocating our business interest in the following sectors; Manufacturing,
Construction, Oil and Gas, Banking, Real Estate, Stock Speculation,Mining, Transportation and Tobacco or any other businesses.If you have
a solid background and idea of making good profit in any of the above mentioned business sectors or any other business in your country,
Please write to me for possible business co-operation.

Moreover, our clients are ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating 3% annual return on investment (AROI)
but will be Purely on Loan Financing. I think I will be delighted to discuss in detail with you about your project (s). Our client has
enough needed capital in excess of ($5Billion US Dollars) to take your project to completion and so kindly get back to me for more

Our company would be happy to receive your Executive Summary/Project Plan as well as accepting an NDA and our client is ready to provide
you with a loan.

E-mail your project's summary discussions.

Waiting for your urgent reply

Best Regards
Graham Marchan

Google is your friend!

Every email I've posted is a scam. Contacting the email addresses associated with my posts may lead to a loss of money for you. Do not let the scammers know they are posted here!

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