Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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*EXAMPLE OF EMPLOYMENT SCAM EMAIL* : Don't respond to emails like this. Don't contact this person. Don't let them know they are on this site.

From: [email protected]

Hello XXXX,

Welcome to Xcel Energy, we are happy to have you on the team.

Thank you for your interest in Employment at XCEL ENERGY INC as Administrative/Personal Assistant to Mr Scott Wilensky who is the Executive Vice President of XCEL ENERGY INC.

After further reviewing your qualifications, you have been chosen to occupy the position of the Administrative/Personal Assistant. We want to believe you have read about this position.

The company is EXPANDING its business and Mr Scott Wilensky will be heading the new branch in JACKSONVILLE,FL.

He will be needing a good and reliable Administrative/Personal Assistant that can work with him.

We want believe you have read through the company website, this will give you a better understanding about the company. Mr Wilensky is on a sick leave now so he won't be meeting with you until after 2 weeks due to a surgery he had recently and he is in the process of recovering, that is the MAJOR reason he needs an assistant that can begin IMMEDIATELY. if you are available to begin assisting him immediately, kindly proceed with the employment process.

Firstly, Per his request, He will like to know how efficient you are with given assignments. Also, confirm the Payment/Pay-check can be mailed to the address you provided. (please include an apartment number if required)

Please, make yourself available immediately. there are errands he needs attended to urgently.

Primary Responsibilities:

Performs general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, mail distribution and filing. Coordinates and maintains records for staff office space, handling cash and Bank deposits , company credit cards and office keys. Creates and modifies various documents using Microsoft Office.

You will be needed for 20-25hrs weekly and pay is $750/week

NB: it's subject to review after a period of time depending on performance.

He will be needing answers to these questions.

1. How many hours are you willing to work per day?

2. How often do you come on the internet?

3. Payroll Interval... (Weekly or Bi-weekly)?

4. Are you employed at the moment? .

5. what bank do you bank with? (Bank name only)

6. How would you want to receive your pay (Direct Deposit or Check in the Mail).

7.What is your current availability?

So send your answers to the 7 questions to Mr Wilensky private email address which is [email protected] so he can get the email on time and respond with the Title.." YOUR NEW ASSISTANT".

And you can also send Text or SMS him at 651-337-7500 to inform him you have replied to his email address.


**NB** If you are not ready to begin with the position ASAP or cant begin until after meeting, Please DO NOT BOTHER RESPONDING. Respond ONLY if you are ready to begin with the position.

We have also included the employment form, which you will print out and fill then Fax back to us .

NB...This is a Trial Task which will be used to evaluate your employment, After this task has been completed, then we will discuss about meeting and also other employment paperworks.

Note*****The Office is still undergoing renovation.. So how you carry out your first task will determine your employment. Also whatever questions or concerns you have, feel free to ask or discuss with him

Mr Wilensky will contact you with the next steps and tasks he has for you..

Fax # 612-278-2246


Human Resources & Employee Services, Chief Human Resources Officer

Darla Figoli

Xcel Energy Inc.


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