Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#430501 by Maria M Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:05 am
Hi guys,
I found out about you after receiveing the following emails on both my google and gmail accounts from this "gentleman". He contacted me via an inactive account I opened on linkedin a couple of years ago.

Hello Teacher,

I got to know that you are an ESL teacher on an ESL teaching job site
and i decided to contact you to know if you will be able to come to
Manchester England to tutor my family We are Moscow Russia living in
England.I will need a teacher who will come to Manchester and tutor my
family for a period of 1 and half years.

I will give you accommodation and also will pay you monthly of
US$6,000 which is US$2,000/child monthly.

Though i have seen your brief CV but i will like you to send me your
updated CV,picture and also your availability date.


Mr Gideon


#430946 by firas allan Fri Feb 18, 2022 2:33 pm
I got the same Email

it is a scam

Greetings ............

I and my wife has view your CV and i say you should come ,Dear why i
am looking for oversea teacher to come is this, the England teacher i
called ask me to pay 8,000 pounds ,which is whole of money for me, why
my friend who is here before me told me to seek for oversea teacher
that will like this salary that i am offering , i am sending to you
this contract letter for you to sign and send it together with your
update CV to Barrister Wilson Gunn who is going to proceed on your
visa to come, as soon as you sign it forward the contract letter to
him and forward one copy for my reference.

I hope you understand me ,I am looking forward to read from you till
you arrived here in England, i will pay for your air ticket and
accommodation, so you don't have any problem with me Okay, My Kids age
is 3-5-7 years old, Print this contract letter out and sign it with
Blue Bic.

Thanks for your regard.

Mr Gideon

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