The scammer's basic kit; photos of widows and orphans, passports, certificates and court documents, all guaranteed 100% fake or stolen
#8371 by Ralph Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:08 am
The following documents are all fake, every last one of them, It will go a long way to showing just how far scammers will go to make their scams look legitimate.

Anyone can produce a fake form these days, please, just because they have shown you forms, don't for a minute think they are real

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I have taken the liberty of underlining some sections on the last page that I found a little unusual for a bank :wink:

Scammers can and do produce fake documents and often make them look much more authentic than these ones

Another quick tip is the RSOT
Scammers beleive that by placing a Red Seal of Truth on a documant it will look real, real banks do not use RSOTs quoite like these, trust me

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