Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#436530 by Wiljames Wed Oct 19, 2022 2:07 am
from: Mr.Garry Fisher [email protected]
reply-to: [email protected]
date: Oct 17, 2022
subject: Have a very pleasant day

Due to rate of scams out there in Africa, the United States Governments has filed a case against all Countries involving in scam activities, after the case has been taken to Court, the Law Court gave orders that all Countries to release the total sum of twenty Billion which was tagged Unclaimed Asset Fund.

However, victims who lost his/her hard-earned money to these faceless thieves will be compensated.

When I hear from you, I will relay the full details.
Garry Fisher
Re-United Asset Manager

#436642 by hellraiser Mon Oct 24, 2022 2:33 pm
Scammer tells the victim to contact fake banker Andrew Cecere at [email protected]

Every e-mail I post here is a scam.
If you have been contacted by a scammer you should cease communication.
Never let a scammer know you're on to them, this is feedback they can use to improve their scam.

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