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#441918 by Vigilante surfer Fri Dec 01, 2023 5:18 pm
Salutation my dear man, I am requesting you to read this letter up to the finish 4 the cause that I was not able to make up my mind 4 a long time to write a message to you. It's not in my nature to send e-mails to the menfolks 1st. I am Galina. I am just thirtysix yrs.My native place is Kazakhstan. I'm an honest and sincere woman. I am looking for confidential relations only, based on amour and trust. Difference in age doesn't make sense for me. I have got 2 universaty degrees and I am working as a doc of Highest Category. Also, I worked in some different foreign countries 4 several times and I've been to some foreign countries too. I spend too much time working and it's right time to seek for a gentleman with whom I could be able to form a serious romantic bond. If you're looking for a frank and sincere girl, perhaps we'll be able to form connection. In the letter I send to u a picof me. I really hope that you'll appreciate my image and u will write me back ASAP. In your letter I'll be so glad to take notice of your return photographs and to gain some details of you. I will answer you back as soom as I receive your mail. It is too necessary: I 'm not going to play games at all and I won't show any images of nude me. If u are tend to have photos of naked me or to obtain my money, I ask you not to answer this mail. In contrast if u are an unattached man who's ready for the confidential relations, I'll be so thrilled to obtain your email. Write to me you tell please about yourself and your mother country. It would be too captivating to get some information about it.

If you are interested Please write ONLY to my regular mailbox: [email protected]

I beg u to write an answer quickly, GALINA!

If it sounds to great to be true it is false indeed, and always remember google reverse image search.

#441924 by maluu53 Fri Dec 01, 2023 7:43 pm

this is the pic scammer sent
stolen from the IG account of an Ukrainian woman Svetlana Kushnir

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