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#439859 by maluu53 Sat Jun 10, 2023 5:06 am
43 yo
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from Denver, CO
Height: 6 ft. 8 in. :lol:
Ethnicity: White
Education: Some College
Job: Construction


Still waters run deep. I think this expression is about me. I am a rather modest and obedient person. But sometimes my volcano erupts. This is a volcano of my emotions, passionate feelings and pleasure. And I am looking for a man who will wake this volcano in me. Additionally, I am like a rose that needs to be watered so that it could open. Then my rose will bloom and smell. I am looking for a man who has this water for me. For example, sweet words, compliments, tender hands, and a tremulous whisper in my ears.
I need a passionate, caring, mature male who will know how to pacify and tame me. In return I will be the most tender cat who purrs in your chest. I do not like scandals. I prefer a gentle, passionate harmonious relationships, where respect and love are always in the first place. And I believe that it is possible.
Hello there handsome man how are you doing today....? care for a chat @perrinebranson GM, 09-06-2023

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