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#439817 by maluu53 Thu Jun 08, 2023 6:06 am
Rebecca Johnson
41 yo
from Archer, FL
Height: 6 ft. 10 in. :lol:
Ethnicity: Whitev :D


contact me jre085778 gm Thanks

#439844 by maluu53 Thu Jun 08, 2023 8:06 pm
Good morning dear and nice to hear from you too.
I am happy to read your reply and I guarantee you that you will never regret knowing or meeting me.This is a very big opportunity to know us and benefit from us and bear with me that this offer is legitimate and I hope that I can count on your understanding,assistance and mutual cooperation.

My name is Rebecca Johnson, 33 years old, living in Lome,Republic of Togo and working as an office secretary to Supreme Law Esq here in the capital town of Republic of Togo. In 2017,the deceased deposited the sum of €6.5 Million in a bank without stating any next of kin or beneficiary.His place of abode until his death was Moscow, Russia and that was the only available address we knew.

I would like to introduce you to my boss for you to discuss with him concerning the details,terms and agreement about this contract and before i do this,i want to inform you that am a party to this business and for connecting with you,i will take 10% of your share from this business while my boss will offer me 10% too from his side making it a total of 20% for mine own compensation from this deal once it is successfully done.

My secret plan in this nearest future is to resign from my current job and travel out to London or Usa to live and establish a mini Charity organization for the motherless,orphanage,widows and peoples with disability once this deal is my percentage is very important to me and i hope that you will respect my business offer terms and agreement.

Hope you would like to join me there in the near future?
Please reconfirm your Occupation,Marital Status,Date of Birth,Nationality and phone number..
Please also specify if we can invite you in person for the purpose of this business or whether you are comfortable to work with us online for good and security precautionary motives?

Upon your response reconfirming your full interest, I will move to introduce you to my boss in the office whose after proper assessment of your competency and capacity will give you the details of this bank account and the bank name in question where you are going to champion this deal with us soon.

Seeing is believing and we have every useful information about this offer and we are ready to show you all once you are ready to maintain trust with us.
I send you more photos and I hope that you will keep my photo safe in your custody to avoid illicit use or abuse.
Have a nice day,
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