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#422620 by Snow-White Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:58 pm
Pics stolen from João Baião, Portuguese TV host, actor and entertainer

Username: Lassen
Gender: Man
Age: 53
Location: Charlton, London, United Kingdom
Living situation: With pets
Firstline: +447404358660 >>>> Lycamobile UK
About yourself:
I'm Moore 53, divorced work as a civil engineer self employed contractor live alone
Looking for: Looking for easy going woman to be the last woman of my life


#422622 by Snow-White Sat Jan 23, 2021 7:08 pm
Lassen Moore
Employee, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Civic Construction
London UK,
same pic

Moore Lassen
Working at civic construction company
Located in UK London
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Laurent ,
56, Male,
Schwerzenbach (Switzerland)
Job Project Manager - Project Manager
BAC techno / pro education
Situation Divorced
Child (ren) None
Are you living alone? Yes
Search A woman
Love relationship
Heterosexual Orientation
Smiling man, sociable, easy-going, attentive, gentle who would like to nurture a new self-esteem, bring attention and appreciate the taste of life. Live together in a great happiness, a real love, a complicity and absolute fidelity. I am looking for a sincere woman, serene, honest and frank with whom to share a true happiness for two.

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