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#417097 by AlanJones Sat Sep 12, 2020 5:54 am
Please do not direct scammer to this forum, the scammer will now no doubt have changed his fake identity and email address, meaning that future victims will not find reports from him.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

#419024 by Andherewego Sun Oct 25, 2020 4:03 pm
I met this gay on Tinder just 3 months ago under name KELVIN. I live in Europe but cause of this pandemic tinder had free offer to expand your region. On tinder he was 45 years. Very soon we started messaging thru WhatsApp, his number was +1 (931) 236-3458. First thing he told he was 40, well that wasn't a big deal to me. He told he was from New York, but when we stated texting he was working in Madera CA. He was only son, his mom was alive. He was divorced 4 years ago and was married over 12 years with no kids. We hided off pretty well, he was very polite and considered. Whole time I was the slower and sceptic one. Only few weeks later we tryed to Skype, he kept telling me because of his business version on WA, video calls didn't work. On Skype we kept loosing the connection all the time. But alegently his work made Scott was also seen on Skype. On Tinder his job was a covernment analysis, but soon he told me "a secret", he was an agent, a spy. Soon he got a new assignment and had go to Iraq for 3 months. We kept texting thru WA. Some weeks later he wanted me to help him with money transfer from his account to another account. He kept telling his job was so underground that they had difficulty getting an access to an internet. I was very sceptic but, I ended transfering 10 000$ from his account in Regionaltrusttressure Bank to another account in Chace Bank owned by Rob Mckillip . I thought what could go wrong, he wasn't asking me to send any money to him. I did ask him why his mom wasn't able do it. Apparently mom didn't even know read text messages. Just 4 weeks ago he told me they were going on a dangerous mission. I couldn't get hold of him in 3days, but suddenly I got a message thru WA from his colleague Scott, the one on Skype. He said Kelvin was shot in the back and is now under a coma, but when he wakes up he'll text me. Few days later we were back to normal and texting again. Now for the last two weeks his been very quiet. He told they were attacked by terrorist and five if his colleagues were killed and Scott who was supposed to go and get some help, was also lost. He kept telling me that now his stuck in a little family run klinik middle of nowhere in Iraq. Been in a Healthcare profession my self, I was little surprised, how a small family klinik can remove a bullet from his back and spine and hi didn't end up getting any permanent damage. Me being almost the only contact on his phone. Everything started to sound very suspicious. Probably next I would have just gotten a message from him where he'll tells his been held hostage by terrorist in Iraq and needs some money etc. Well I did stay and wait for it.
Thanks to my scepticism I did couple times the reverse image surge and finally after few attempts
I was able to find this site. Have to say I'm not surprised. The story started getting more and more wierder. I just hope I haven't been scammed into any money loudry business because of the money transfer. Just in case I do have screen shots from my visit to his account and all our messages have been saved.

He was also in zoom with his email [email protected]
WhatsApp +1 (931) 236-3458

All pics were the same as seen here already.

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